Monday, March 4, 2013

Self-Spanking Works

My husband travels every single week, 3-4 days each week.  This has made my submission difficult because sometimes I get an attitude about how often he is gone and sometimes I mis-behave just to piss him off.  I always regret it.  That's for sure.   But, during the times when I am trying to do my best and dropping the ball miserably and he isn't around to discipline me, it is hard to set myself straight. 

We decided to reseach some alternative methods for when he was gone.  We read about people working together with other DD couples and having another person administer the necessary spanking.  A lot of folks do this but neither my husband nor I was comfortable with the idea.  I don't want to bare my bottom to anyone but my husband.

Another alternative was a spanking machine but they cost over a thousand dollars and even then there's no guarantee that I would really use it.

The third choice was self-spanking, but again I would be tempted to lie to him and tell him I did it when I didn't, or not to do it hard enough to be effective.  My husband and I decided to explore this one deeper, as it seemed the only viable option.  He disciplined me one night and then put the whip in my hand and had me administer 25 slaps to my own bottom while he watched.  He told me to be harder and faster, which really hurt more.  Then he put the wooden paddle in my hand and had me administer 25 more.  After that, he showed me how to record a self-spanking on my phone and text it to him.  This became the new rule when he was gone and it seems to be working pretty well.  Here's our guidelines:

1.  If I curse, I have to put a penny in the curse jar.  For every penny it is 10 swats with the whip.  If I get up to 5 pennies in the jar while he is gone, I must administer a self-spanking for punishment.  (that's 50 swats with the whip)

2. If it is less than 5 pennies while he is gone then he will deal with it when he gets home.  Every 5 pennies is another spanking session.

3.  Every self-punishment session is taped and text to him so that he can deem whether I am administering it hard enough and long enough.

4.  After every spanking I am to stand in the corner with my pants down for three minutes, at which time I text him the video.  If it is sufficient then I can get out of the corner and resume my day.  If he thinks I need more, he will text how many more swats to give myself and I will video those and send them.

I felt weird about all of this at first, but someone it is effective for us.  My language has gotten better and with him telling me how many swats and designating if it has been sufficient, I still feel like he is in control and I am under his firm and guiding hand.