Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I'm waiting for a spanking and I know he'll be in here any minute.  The waiting is the worst.  I know what's coming and I know I've earned it but I still get nervous.  We skipped the normal maintenance spanking this morning because we were pressed for time.  It showed in my attitude, which he commented on when he pointed to our bedroom with a stern look.  It was the look that said, "go pull down your pants and wait."  So, here I sit with my bare bottom tensed against my chair, writing about what is about to come.  I imagine I'll get the belt and a hand spanking.  He usually warms me up with his hand first.  My stomach is fluttery with nerves.

I hear him coming this way now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cleansing Workshop - MUST DO!

This summer my husband and I began a cleansing, which we have read and heard is essential at creating a solid marital bond and in growing and moving forward in the dominant/submissive relationship.  It was a phenomenal experience and I want to encourage all of you to do this.  It's painful both outwardly and inwardly but it has brought us so much closer together.  It is worth the work.

Submission is an act of letting go and trusting that the other person knows what is best and what is needed.  It is an act of confessing to the need to be disciplined and allowing it to occur.  It's hard but often times a woman can't submit because there are old things, past things, blocking her.  Often times these are subconscious but sometimes they are things that have a great deal of power over the female psyche.  For example, a past sin can keep a woman from presently submitting because subconsciously she feels she doesn't deserve to receive a clean slate for her actions.  These past things must be addressed for her to move forward.

They can be as simple as telling a little white lie, to having a full blown affair.  No matter how complicated the sinful past, the husband must address it, punish her for it, and then help her move on from it.

In a submission workshop I attended, we learned about a woman that had had sexual feelings for one of her husband's coworkers and she felt guilty even though it had been years ago and she never acted on those feelings.  The workshop leaders, an established DD couple, explained how this woman was being held back by her feelings of guilt and not allowing herself to embrace submission or a clean slate from her husband. They recommended a cleansing program, wherein she confessed her indiscretion and guilt to her husband and he punished her and then offered her forgiveness.  The woman gave a testimonial that it was so freeing that it changed their relationship for the better and now she submits to him without hesitation.

Others had bigger sins in their pasts, but the formula for revival was the same.  That's what I want to share with you.  My husband and I did this over the summer and we are in a much better place.  It works and I don't think a DD relationship can move forward without it.

Step 1:  Sit down together and talk about this.  If she is having trouble submitting, discuss whether or not this could be the problem; especially if there have been indiscretions in the past.

Step 2:  She must be willing to ask you to punish her for her past sins.

Step 3:  She must be willing to write down those sins and to work through them one by one.

Example:  On day one, you deal with the first issue on the list.  On day two, the second issue and so forth.

Step 4:  An agreed upon punishment must be laid out AHEAD OF TIME.  For example:  For lying, it is one spanking with one implement.  The severity of the spanking depends upon the severity of the lie.

For an affair, it is a full two days of punishment, involving 3-5 spankings each day with several implements and corner time necessary for her to think about what she has done, her punishment and the offering of forgiveness and acceptance.

Step 5:  The agreement is put into writing.  "I, Sally, am asking, John, to help me overcome my past mistakes and teach me submission by confessing my indiscretion of sleeping with your coworker, admitting it was wrong and shameful, and asking you to punish me so that I can forgive myself and accept your forgiveness and be cleansed.  I agree to a two day punishment of 6-10 spankings, corner time and anything you feel necessary to help me learn submission."   

Step 6:  Follow through is essential and must be done.  The punishment sessions must be hard and long and more intense than anything you have experienced together.  If she is not sobbing beneath your whipping, you have failed her.  Part of the cleansing comes with the tears.

Step 7:  Punishment sessions must be done naked.

Step 8:  Punishment sessions must be consecutive days.

You will see a new life in yourself and your wife if you do this.  I guarantee it.  She may not know she needs this from you, but she desperately needs it and she will thank you for it when it is all over.  You will have proven you are stronger than any of her sins and that your love for her is dominant over all other factors in this world.  When she sees this and feels it on her bottom and believes it in her heart, submission will come easily.

Start this today!!!

Attitude Adjustment OUCH

I'm sitting at my computer with a very red bottom and I'll tell you why.  I've been in a mood lately and my husband finally had enough.  This morning I was in the kitchen and he looked at me and without saying a word, he took me by the hand, led me into the downstairs guest room and instructed me to bend over the side of the chair.  When I asked why, he told me I could think about that while he spanked my bottom.  I didn't really need to think about it, I knew exactly why I was getting a spanking and I knew it was deserved.

He pulled my panties down and raised my nightshirt up so my butt was completely exposed. Then he pulled out a wooden spoon he had taken from the kitchen and paddled me hard.  It stung and I cried out but that only made him paddle faster and harder.  When he stopped I could feel my butt stinging.

"Are you sorry?"  He asked.
"Yes," I cried.
"Not as sorry as you're about to be," he said and then gave me twenty-five more fast, hard smacks with the spoon.

"Go stand in the corner," he said and I got up and went there.  I could hear him leave the room and come back carrying his discipline tools.  Right then I knew I was in for a beating.  "Lay on your back on the bed and put your legs into the air," he said.  "I want you to look me in the eyes while we address this issue."

I hate that and he knows it.  I cry everytime he does it because it's humiliating to have to look at him while he punishes me, especially when I know I deserve what I'm getting.  Still, having to look him in the face while he paddles my bottom is embarrassing.

I laid down and he took the wooden paddle and gave me a smack.  When I closed my eyes he ordered me to look at him.  "What did you do to deserve this?"

"I talked myself down," I answered because I knew what the paddle was for.

He paddled me several times with his eyes locked on mine.  He reminded me that I'm beautiful and should treat myself better.  He said that he will not hesitate to punish me every time I say something negative about myself.  Fifty swats in total and I was balling.

After that, he sent me back to the corner and instructed me to place my hands on my thighs, but not to touch myself.  I was super wet and on the verge of cumming already and holding my hands so close to myself made me want to touch myself that much more.  He knew it and this was a lesson in submission and obedience.

"Please?"  I said and inched my index finger over toward my pussy.

His answer was a swift swat on my ass with his hand.  "I said no," he told me and he let me suffer there for over a minute, until I felt like I was going to explode.

Then he moved me to the bed and bent me over his knee where he gave me a hard hand spanking.  He reached his hand from behind and fingered me until I came, which didn't take but a few seconds.  Once I came, he slid me from his lap to the side of the bed and took his belt and whipped me for my attitude, which had been really terrible the past few days.  The whipping stung bad and I finally broke down and cried.  He knows that once I orgasm, the punishment is taken much more seriously.  The sexual tension is gone and the discipline is driven home.  He whipped me over sixty lashes, that was when I lost count anyway.

When he was done, he held me and I immediately slid to my knees and gave him a blow job.  I don't know what it is about his authority but it makes me want to please him in ways I can't even explain. 

After he came and we cleaned up, he held me for a few moments and then told me it was time for us to go back to boot camp.  That's where I get a spanking one to three times every day for 5 consecutive days.  I started to cry because my bottom was so sore and I didn't want to go through boot camp. but I know that it works and that I am a better person when he holds me accountable.  I need him to discipline me when I can't hold myself in check.  I respect him for having the strength of character to know when I need it and to be able to teach me submission.  So, I am sore but in a much better place emotionally and mentally. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whip It Good

This was me today after a hard spanking.  My sarcastic mouth got the best of me again and my hubby gave me quite the whipping with his belt.  What's more is he told me I'm getting the second half of the punishment tonight before bed.  My butt is still sore and I'm already dreading what's coming, even though I know I've earned it.

Friday, June 6, 2014


It's been a while since I've had a chance to blog because I got a part time job and have been tired by the end of every day.  My husband said I needed to get back at it so here I am.  We've had many discipline sessions since I last blogged but it would take forever to tell you about them, so I'll just talk about the spanking I got today, since my bottom is still burning from it.

I had been a smart mouth most of the day and my husband finally had enough.  I made a sarcastic remark and he put his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear.  "Go pull down your pants now."  I objected because our kids were home and two of our nephews were visiting so we had a houseful of kids, but he didn't care.  He had had it with my attitude and my remarks.  "NOW!" he whispered and gave my arm a deliberate squeeze.

I went into our bathroom, pulled down my pants and panties and bent over the side of the tub.  I thought I knew what was going to happen, he'd take the silent took, a loopy johnny, give me 15-20 quiet slaps and I'd be on my way, but boy was I ever wrong.  When he came into our bedroom, he locked the door and turned on the t.v. really loud.  It was a soccer game.  Then he came into the bathroom and locked that door behind him and turned on the shower and the fan.  I knew right then that he was planning on using more then just the silent tool.

He pulled me from over the tub and led me to the corner.  While I stood with my nose in the corner, he rubbed his hands over my bare ass and told me about the punishment I was going to get and why I was going to get it.  He talked about my attitude and my comments and explained that he wasn't going to tolerate this type of disrespectful behavior.  He ran his finger over my private part and stroked a few times while he explained that it was his job to keep me disciplined and on the right track and that he had been lax lately.  He then led me back to the tub where he asked me to bend over and rest my hands against the edge, so my bottom was outward, facing him.  He started with his belt and gave me 30 stinging slaps until I was crying and apologizing.  Then he had me lay down on my back and put my legs in the air so he could make eye contact with me while he spanked me.  He used the wooden paddle and gave me 20 swats, making me look him in the eye with every swat.  This was humiliating.  Looking at him while he punishes me is the worst because I can't hide the fact that I know I deserve what I'm getting.  After that he took me back into the bathroom and bent me over the tub and gave me a hard lashing with the silent tool until I was sobbing.

"I want you to think about your attitude."  He warned me and then he told me that no matter where we are or no matter if the kids are home, he will hold me accountable for my actions and my behavior.  My butt is so sore but I never feel more loved then when he takes the time to discipline me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Hard Belting

Boy, did I get it for my attitude.  He came into our room with his belt already in his hand and before I could say anything he told me lay over the side of the bed with my arms stretched out in front of me and my legs dangling off the side.  He then placed a pillow beneath by pelvis to lift my bottom into the air a little more.

"Do you understand why you're about to get a whipping?"  He asked.

"Yes sir," I said, hoping my better attitude of submission would make him go easier on me.

"Explain why," he said and rubbed his hand over my bottom to warm my cheeks.

"Because of my bad attitude," I said.

"And because your attitude is a sign of what?"

"Disrespect," I answered.  "I'm sorry."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be when we're through here," he said and then drew his arm way back and let the belt slap down on my butt.  It stung and I couldn't help but cry out.

"Thirty nine more to go," he said, "that is, if you don't squirm or try to block your ass."

I held still but by the fifth slap I was already in tears and apologizing.  Half way through he had me roll over onto my back and place my legs in the air so I had to look him in the face during the rest of the spanking.  That's when I cried the hardest.  I could see love and anger in his eyes while he punished me and I knew without a doubt that I deserved the spanking I was getting.

After the forty lashes with his belt, he pulled me over his knee for a hard hand spanking and he talked to me during the hand spanking.  He reminded me that he doesn't like to hurt me, but that he will hold me accountable and that he knows it is his job to teach me how to be submissive.  He knows it wouldn't be fair to either one of us or to our marriage if he slacked off on his responsibilities as head of our home.  I know he's right and I'm glad he's strong enough to hold me accountable.  I hate being spanked for punishment but I know I need it.  I'm better for it.

Here he Comes

I'm sitting here at my desk waiting for my hubby to come in and start my discipline session.   I copped an attitude with him earlier while he was on a phone call and he gave me the look and pointed to the bedroom.  I knew instantly what he meant.  But just to be sure I did, he pressed mute on his call and holllered, "go bare your bottom right now and wait for me," and pointed to our room.

I'm nervous.  He's been edgy all morning and I know he's angry at my attitude.  I don't know why I act that way.  I don't know why I get disrespectful.  Do I want to be punished?  Or some level deep down is it my way of getting his attention?  I don't think it is, but I don't know.  I don't want a punishment spanking because it hurts and I know he's probably going to use his belt and that hurts a lot.

Here he comes.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My hubbie just read my blog and wanted me to add something that I totally forgot about.  This has been a HUGE HUGE influence in helping me get to tears during a spanking and feel genuinely remorseful and embrace submission.

As I mentioned, he always begins with an OTK hand spanking to warm my bottom up, but even before that, when he first brings me toward him, he talks to me, eye-to-eye, face to face about my behavior.  This makes me focus on the fact that I am about to be punished because of MY own actions.  It helps me realize that I control my behavior and he is merely holding me accountable.  Sometimes, while he talks to me, he'll rub his hand over my bottom and other times he'll cup my pussy, not so much to arouse me but as an expression of his authority.  A reminder that I'm his, that he'd rather provide pleasure but when discipline is warranted he will provide pain.  The powerful thing about this is that I have to look him in the eyes and admit what I have done wrong.  "You spent two hundred and fifty two dollars over your credit card limit, didn't you?"  I nod, because I did.  "And you knew you were over the limit when you spent it, didn't you?"  I nod again. Guilty.  "What do you deserve for this?"  This is the part that's really hard for me, saying that I deserve to be given a hard spanking and sent to the corner.  "I deserve to be punished."

"And what should that punishment be?"  He sometimes asks me.

"A spanking."

Just having me say the words is humiliating.  Looking my husband in the eyes and admitting that I need him to take me over his knee for a whipping is embarrassing and that's part of the process of submission.

So, men, enforce it because it will have a long-term positive effect on your wife.

New Nurturing Methods of Discipline

In January I didn't blog much because we were initiating our annual new year boot camp.  My butt is still sore but my heart is light.  We set up some new rules and I feel like I'm finally grasping the whole submission thing a lot more than I used to.  I am beginning to love it and I feel such a deeper love for my husband.  He's been noticing me and keeping a watchful presence on my attitude and it feels so good to have his attention.  I'll offer up my bare bottom in return for his attention any day, but enough with the sappy stuff, I want to tell you our new rules in hopes that it will help some of you in your discipline journey as well.

1.  Corner time BEFORE a spanking never worked to adjust my attitude and in most cases made me more angry or upset.  So, after attending a spanking seminar last December, my husband instituted Computer time before the spanking.  Here's how it works:  He informs me that I am going to receive a spanking in 10-15 minutes, at which time he tells me to strip from the waist down.  I then sit at the computer, bare bottomed, and type a paragraph about what is going through my mind before this spanking, and listing the things I am about to be spanked for.  (bad language, over spending, disrespect, bad attitude, not taking care of myself, etc.)  Do I think I deserve it?  What tools do I think he should use?  How can I improve my behavior going forward?  That sort of stuff.  When he comes in to spank me, we read the paragraph together and discuss what I've written.

For example:  Today I wrote that I thought I deserved 20 swats with the cane for my foul language.  He read it and reminded me of just how bad my language had been and told me he was going to issue 40 swats, which he later did.

The computer time as opposed to corner time helps me organize my thoughts and express my feelings about the upcoming punishment; and so far, it has made me more humble and submissive going into each spanking.

2.  He is more verbal before, during and after the spanking.  This has helped A LOT in teaching me to be submissive.  After he reads my paragraph, he tells me exactly why I am going to be punished and expresses his feelings about it.  "I'm going to give you a hard paddling for your foul mouth.  I don't want you using those words and it is my job as your husband to help you learn to stop using them."  He speaks before each item on our list and explains why I am being punished.  "You have misbehaved when it comes to taking care of yourself and I'm not going to sit by and tolerate it. "  Sometimes he'll ask me questions that seem silly while reading but help me process and accept the punishment at the time.  "Heather, what happens if I don't punish you?"  I answer, "things get worse."   "And if I let things get worse is that an indication that I love you?"  I say, "no."  "Sometimes love means we have to be tough enough to administer discipline when and where it is needed.  Is that right?"   I answer, "yes."    "Yes, what, love?"    I answer, "yes sir."  

Calling him "sir" every now and then when he asks is a tactic that helps teach submission, and I believe now more than ever that it has helped me learn more quickly.

3.  Positioning.  All punishments shouldn't be OTK.  OTK is the least humiliating and most comfortable position for the woman and sometimes true submission and regret doesn't come unless there is a certain amount of humiliation.  Some husbands paddle their wives in front of others to achieve this humiliation, but my husband and I think that's too much for us.  He's spanked me in public, but not in front of people we know.  The same humiliation can be achieved with positioning for a spanking.
For example, he warms my bottom up with an OTK hand spanking, but when he is going to whip me with the belt, he instructs me to stand up, bend over and touch the floor.

When he is going to cane me, I am told to get on all fours either on top the bed or on the floor, and often times he paddles me while I'm laying on my back with my legs in the air, stretched over my head.

This way he looks me in the eyes as he paddles me and I can't tell you how powerful that is.  I cry almost every time.

4.  Random spankings.  My husband will randomly issue maintenance spankings throughout the day and it has kept my attitude in check and kept me on my toes.  He'll give me a few moments notice and if I argue or complain or roll my eyes it goes from a maintenance to a full blown punishment; so I've learned to obey his order to pull down my pants and bend over at random.  This has helped me learn submission so much more than I can explain.  It makes me trust in his authority and his hand on me.

5.  Stress spankings.  This is new for us and has worked wonders in our marriage.  We live, as most of you probably do too, in a high stress environment.  My husband's company has laid off several people and he's on egg shells over his job or over having to fire his employees.  It's made him super stressed which makes me worry and get stressed too.  At the seminar in December, we learned about stress spankings.  This is where the wife offers herself as a stress relief to her husband and there's something beautiful about it.  My husband got teary eyed the first time I did it.  I knew he was overwhelmed and feeling pressure so I took off my clothes and put on my robe, grabbed his belt from the drawer and went to the basement office.  I laid the belt at his feet and then bent over the arm of the chair in his office.  He didn't want to spank me at first and then I reminded him that I wanted him to release his stress.  "Please give me a spanking," I begged until I finally felt the first stingy slap of his belt across my bottom.  He whipped me hard that afternoon and then we held each other and wept.  His stress was gone and so was all of my worry.

Stress spankings aren't just for the wife to offer to her husband, it works both ways.  If the husband sees that his wife is in knots, overwhelmed and stressed out, he needs to take her to a place where he can whip her in private and give her the relief she needs.  This is a beautiful bonding action of love between partners.

I'll write more tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Addition of Self-Spanking

I forgot to add one to my list.  If the head of the house travels a lot, you might want to teach your bride to self-administer.  This will take an hour or so, but you get her into a position that is conducive for a self-spanking, particularly with a whip or a belt.  You give her a spanking and then she administers some swats and together you compare the two.  Teach her how to administer the same as you and then, when you are gone, you can instruct her to give herself a punishment spanking to tide her over until you return home.  Self-spankings are not designed to replace the husband's discipline, but merely to remind the wife that though you are away, you are still actively involved and watching.

I have my wife tape the self-spanking session and sent it to me.  Then, I let her know if it has been long and hard enough or if I believe she needs more.  It has worked well for us, though I know it embarrasses her.  Not wanting to feel that embarrassment and humiliation has gone a long way in deterring her from rushing into negative behavior.

Fellas, it is an awkward conversation to strike up, but it will go a long way in improving how your wife feels about your being gone, and her outlook on your relationship and how much you love her.

Purchase a whip, get her a phone that will video and teach her to become an extension of your discipline.  The alternatives are having a trusted friend come into your home and punish her or purchasing a very expensive spanking machine.  The self-spanking, taught by you, controlled by you becomes a bonding experience between you and your wife.  I highly recommend it.

Good luck!

Male Perspective on Spanking

Heather hasn't been blogging lately because her attitude has been less than desirable and her blogs were not uplifting, so she deleted them.  In her absence she has received a lot of emails asking where she is and if she's going to be continuing her blog.  The answer is yes.  January for us held a new awakening in discipline and she is excited to tell you about it.  First we decided it would be best if I presented a husband view and answered some of the male questions, and then she will begin blogging and sharing from the female perspective and answer those questions.

Being the man and the head of the household isn't always easy.  I think some people get it in their heads that I always want to discipline my wife when that isn't the case.  There are times when she needs a spanking but I don't feel like doing it.  It's at those times when I have to press forward and honor my commitment to her and to us and take her over my knee.  As the head of the home, it is my job to maintain peace and order so keeping a tight handle on my wife's attitude and respectful behavior is imperative to the overall health and harmony in our home.

Men, you must follow these simple rules if discipline is going to work for you:

1.  Conduct a boot camp at least once every quarter.  It serves as a reminder to her of the difference between punishment spankings and maintenance spankings and it will make her appreciate the maintenance ones.  It also helps teach her to be submissive in attitude, not weak, submissive.  It takes a woman a great deal of strength to submit to a man.  Don't underestimate this and your job to teach her how to do it.

2.  Give her a reminder paddling every night before bed.  If she objects, increase the paddling.  She will sleep better and wake up with a good outlook on life.

3.  Remember gentleman that a hard spanking provides your love with emotional release that inevitably lowers her stress level, calms her irritability and fights depression.  You are literally doing her a favor by giving her a hard throttling and you should, for this reason, spank her bottom until she cries and achieves the needed release.  If you quit too soon you have done nothing for either of you.

4.  A spanking session is also a release for you, men, and that is acceptable.  If she has made you angry, it is acceptable to paddle her and release that anger.

5.  You must send her to the corner with her panties down and her bare red bottom exposed.  This is an act of submission that she must do.  If she objects spank her until she is more agreeable.

6.  Kids at home is not a reason to avoid a spanking so don't allow her to use this excuse.  It is the number one excuse women use to get out of being punished.  Get a signal and a quiet tool so the children or guests in your home will not know.  Touch your belt and motion her upstairs or downstairs.  Step into a bathroom and turn on the fan and the shower, or go into the bedroom and lock the door.  Paddle her hard and fast with a silent tool (a hangar works like magic) until she cries.  Reprimand her quietly while you give her a hearty spanking.  If she objects, add to the punishment.  By this I mean, if you cannot spank her longer right then, you tell her she is to come back to this room in thirty minutes for another beating.

7.  Know your list of infractions and hold her accountable for every item on the list.  If she curses, issue a beating immediately.  If she overspends her limit, issue a beating immediately.  If she backtalks or disrespects your authority, pull her pants down right then and there and give her a thrashing.  YOU control whether she succeeds at learning submission.

8.  If you travel as I do, it is harder but not impossible.  The first night you get home, give her a spanking as a reminder of the behavior you expect to see in her.  Impose upon her that she keeps a journal while you are away in which she makes note of her infractions.  Hold her accountable for each one with a solid spanking.

9.  If her behavior slips while in public, take her into a family-style restroom that locks and whip her with your belt.  If a restroom is not available, take her into the parking lot and give her a whipping in the back of the car.  Even the smallest of cars can accommodate a spanking.  If you are unable to take care of it right at the moment, tell her privately that when you are alone in the car or at home that she is to take down her pants and remind you that she has earned a punishment spanking.  If you put the burden of remembering on her, it will impact her that much more.

10.  You cannot spank your wife too much or too often.  The worst mistake is to make her feel like you don't care and the way in which you do that is to stop holding her accountable.  Her bottom should bare your handprint or the marks of your belt 24/7.

Good luck, gents!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I'm so excited!  My hubby just walked in the room and handed me my kindle and on it is the new Susan Sanchez book!!!!!!!!  He downloaded it for me! I can't wait to read it!  It's called EXPOSURE!

You guys might remember I interviewed the author a while back and she told me that her short stories are really just sort of like teasers leading up to her full-length novel about Elise Dugar.  I can't wait until that comes out! We need more fiction stories on domestic discipline that accurately depict it.  That's what I love about these books.  They have some sex, which is true to life experience, but they also totally tap into the emotional and psychological benefits of spanking.

Here's a pic of the new book:

Here is the information on Amazon:

If you haven't read the Susan Sanchez books, you're missing out!  They're easy reads and I would say even gripping, like I think about them long after I've put my kindle down for the day.  It's a series so you should start with the first one, though I think you could probably pick up any of them out of sequence and still get a feel for the characters; but if you want my advice, start with book one.

Okay, gotta fly, I'm off to read EXPOSURE!!  

Hard to Sit Down

I was too exhausted to get back on the computer and blog yesterday after my spanking and my husband was compassionate enough to let me out of it.  Trust me when I say I will NEVER lie to him or hide anything from him again.  I am amazed that my bottom isn't bruised because he used every tool we own on it.  I was sent to the corner several times during the process, bent over his knee, over the side of the bed, over the back of a chair and finally had to touch my toes for a solid strapping.  That's my least favorite position.

But, I apologized and he forgave me.  Clean slate!  It feels so good to not carry around a secret that eats away at the inside and makes me all jumpy and paranoid.  That's a horrible feeling and a terrible way to live day in and day out.  Even though I got my butt beaten and it's honestly a little hard to sit down today, I feel better and my husband and I are closer than we've ever been before.

That's the thing about domestic discipline that most people don't "get."  They are quick to judge it as kinky or abusive or wrong, but they don't see the upside.  When I do something I shouldn't, he holds me accountable, and that accountability makes me a better person because I am less likely to make the same mistakes over and over again, especially when I know the consequences.  AND it helps him release frustration and extend forgiveness.  Sometimes in marriage couples bury problems because they're too hard to talk about or too scary to face.  With domestic discipline, the balance of submission and dominance helps couples face those issues together, as a united team and not as two people pitted against one another.  It's a beautiful balance that most people don't understand because they can't get past the weirdness of it.  It's not mainstream but if it were, maybe the divorce rate wouldn't be so high.

I know I am loved when my husband takes the time to notice my actions and hold me accountable, but it's not just about misbehaving or correcting mistakes.  Sometimes women need an emotional release and being put over her loving partner's knee opens the flood gates and provides that release.  Just having my husband look at me and instinctively know when I am all bottled up inside and knotted and tense, and then have him take the time to teach me submission and spank me when needed is an enormous action of love.  Likewise, there are times when I know he has had a bad day and is on edge and sometimes I will crawl over his lap, offering up my bottom as a sacrificial reliever of his stress.  Those spankings are never as hard as punishment spankings, but hard enough to release his tension and then they always result in us ravaging each other's bodies, which is stress release alone.

Sometimes he spanks me because I have done something wrong and deserve to be punished, like yesterday; and sometimes he spanks me because I need to be reminded of my submissive nature and to keep the submission/dominance balance, and other times he spanks me because we both need it.  But whenever he spanks me, it is always out of love and because we are working together to make our relationship be the very best it can be.

I am thankful that I have a man in my life who is strong enough to hold the reigns for me and keep us on course.  I don't know what I would do without him.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

About to be Disciplined

I'm sitting at my computer right now with my jeans and panties around my ankles.  It's part of my punishment.  My husband has instructed me to sit with my bum bare and blog about why I am about to be disciplined.  I'm sort of nervous because I know this is going to be a long and really hard spanking.  I also know I deserve what I'm going to get and probably even more.

Here's what happened.  I got a call from an old beau of mine over the holiday and he was in town and wanted to have coffee.  I don't have any feelings for the man at all, other than just that we went to high school together and sometimes it's fun to relive the memories and waltz down memory lane.  I didn't tell my husband about the call and I lied to him about going shopping when I really went and met my old beau. Now, nothing happened between us, just coffee.  I'm not having an affair, nor do I want to have an affair. And I only saw him just this once.  Anyway, my old beau text me this morning to thank me for meeting him and talking and said he'll be in town next month and can we meet again.  My husband saw the text and now I'm in trouble for lying to him.  I know, I know, I deserve what's coming.

So, here I sit fulfilling the first part of the punishment:  confessing it online to my six hundred regular blog readers.  Then I will get spanked.  And the third part of my punishment is that I will have to come back on line when it is over and tell all of you about my spanking.

My husband just walked in and told me it's time to wrap up this blog and go stand in the corner.  Wish me luck.

It's a New Year!

The holiday season has been hectic and crazy for me, but I do have some stories to share, one in particular involving a brand new hair brush I received for Christmas.  I'll try to start posting again this week.  I hope everyone had a spanking good Christmas and New Years and that your resolutions, like mine, are effective and prosperous.