Thursday, November 5, 2015

Never Hide a Credit Card Bill

My husband came home today and I knew right away that he was upset.  I had spent a lot of money, more than I should have and I usually give him a head's up but I purposefully didn't.  Instead, I waited the couple weeks for the next bill to come.  It had come in the mail this morning, so I wasn't surprised when he approached me in the kitchen with it in his hand.

I said I was sorry and he said that it was nice to hear but that I wasn't nearly as sorry as I was about to be.  Then he unbuckled his belt and slid the leather through the loops, winding it around his right hand.

"Take down your pants and bend over the counter," he said.

My stomach got that hollow feeling and I started to speak but he said, "Heather, you spent too much and then you tried to hide it from me.  Now, take down your pants and bend over the counter."

I knew he was right. I was busted but I so didn't want a spanking.  I stood frozen, with my fingers on the button of my jeans.

"For every second you wait, I'm adding 20 swats," he said.

I got undressed more quickly and bend over the counter so my butt was exposed.  I gripped the top of the counter and waited for the first stinging swat.

It came quickly and he lectured me as he issued 65 swats across my bare butt.

"Corner," he said and pointed.  He then told me to take off my blouse and bra and stand there naked.

I stood there for almost 5 minutes and then he told me to bend over his knees on the couch.  I was already crying when I crawled across his lap for a hard, hard hand-spanking that left me sobbing and repenting.

I promised I would never hide a bill from him again. And I won't.  I'll think about this spanking before I even use my credit card again!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Spanking Site

I wanted to share another great discipline site with you.  I don't know the owner of the site personally, but they seem to have a fine handle on the art of discipline.  I particularly related to the article about the plastic hanger because I've had a plastic hanger across my bottom on more than one occasion.  In fact, my hubbie travels with one in his suitcase just in case he needs to pull me aside and give me a sound, but quiet whipping.

Here's the link:


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I'm waiting for a spanking and I know he'll be in here any minute.  The waiting is the worst.  I know what's coming and I know I've earned it but I still get nervous.  We skipped the normal maintenance spanking this morning because we were pressed for time.  It showed in my attitude, which he commented on when he pointed to our bedroom with a stern look.  It was the look that said, "go pull down your pants and wait."  So, here I sit with my bare bottom tensed against my chair, writing about what is about to come.  I imagine I'll get the belt and a hand spanking.  He usually warms me up with his hand first.  My stomach is fluttery with nerves.

I hear him coming this way now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cleansing Workshop - MUST DO!

This summer my husband and I began a cleansing, which we have read and heard is essential at creating a solid marital bond and in growing and moving forward in the dominant/submissive relationship.  It was a phenomenal experience and I want to encourage all of you to do this.  It's painful both outwardly and inwardly but it has brought us so much closer together.  It is worth the work.

Submission is an act of letting go and trusting that the other person knows what is best and what is needed.  It is an act of confessing to the need to be disciplined and allowing it to occur.  It's hard but often times a woman can't submit because there are old things, past things, blocking her.  Often times these are subconscious but sometimes they are things that have a great deal of power over the female psyche.  For example, a past sin can keep a woman from presently submitting because subconsciously she feels she doesn't deserve to receive a clean slate for her actions.  These past things must be addressed for her to move forward.

They can be as simple as telling a little white lie, to having a full blown affair.  No matter how complicated the sinful past, the husband must address it, punish her for it, and then help her move on from it.

In a submission workshop I attended, we learned about a woman that had had sexual feelings for one of her husband's coworkers and she felt guilty even though it had been years ago and she never acted on those feelings.  The workshop leaders, an established DD couple, explained how this woman was being held back by her feelings of guilt and not allowing herself to embrace submission or a clean slate from her husband. They recommended a cleansing program, wherein she confessed her indiscretion and guilt to her husband and he punished her and then offered her forgiveness.  The woman gave a testimonial that it was so freeing that it changed their relationship for the better and now she submits to him without hesitation.

Others had bigger sins in their pasts, but the formula for revival was the same.  That's what I want to share with you.  My husband and I did this over the summer and we are in a much better place.  It works and I don't think a DD relationship can move forward without it.

Step 1:  Sit down together and talk about this.  If she is having trouble submitting, discuss whether or not this could be the problem; especially if there have been indiscretions in the past.

Step 2:  She must be willing to ask you to punish her for her past sins.

Step 3:  She must be willing to write down those sins and to work through them one by one.

Example:  On day one, you deal with the first issue on the list.  On day two, the second issue and so forth.

Step 4:  An agreed upon punishment must be laid out AHEAD OF TIME.  For example:  For lying, it is one spanking with one implement.  The severity of the spanking depends upon the severity of the lie.

For an affair, it is a full two days of punishment, involving 3-5 spankings each day with several implements and corner time necessary for her to think about what she has done, her punishment and the offering of forgiveness and acceptance.

Step 5:  The agreement is put into writing.  "I, Sally, am asking, John, to help me overcome my past mistakes and teach me submission by confessing my indiscretion of sleeping with your coworker, admitting it was wrong and shameful, and asking you to punish me so that I can forgive myself and accept your forgiveness and be cleansed.  I agree to a two day punishment of 6-10 spankings, corner time and anything you feel necessary to help me learn submission."   

Step 6:  Follow through is essential and must be done.  The punishment sessions must be hard and long and more intense than anything you have experienced together.  If she is not sobbing beneath your whipping, you have failed her.  Part of the cleansing comes with the tears.

Step 7:  Punishment sessions must be done naked.

Step 8:  Punishment sessions must be consecutive days.

You will see a new life in yourself and your wife if you do this.  I guarantee it.  She may not know she needs this from you, but she desperately needs it and she will thank you for it when it is all over.  You will have proven you are stronger than any of her sins and that your love for her is dominant over all other factors in this world.  When she sees this and feels it on her bottom and believes it in her heart, submission will come easily.

Start this today!!!

Attitude Adjustment OUCH

I'm sitting at my computer with a very red bottom and I'll tell you why.  I've been in a mood lately and my husband finally had enough.  This morning I was in the kitchen and he looked at me and without saying a word, he took me by the hand, led me into the downstairs guest room and instructed me to bend over the side of the chair.  When I asked why, he told me I could think about that while he spanked my bottom.  I didn't really need to think about it, I knew exactly why I was getting a spanking and I knew it was deserved.

He pulled my panties down and raised my nightshirt up so my butt was completely exposed. Then he pulled out a wooden spoon he had taken from the kitchen and paddled me hard.  It stung and I cried out but that only made him paddle faster and harder.  When he stopped I could feel my butt stinging.

"Are you sorry?"  He asked.
"Yes," I cried.
"Not as sorry as you're about to be," he said and then gave me twenty-five more fast, hard smacks with the spoon.

"Go stand in the corner," he said and I got up and went there.  I could hear him leave the room and come back carrying his discipline tools.  Right then I knew I was in for a beating.  "Lay on your back on the bed and put your legs into the air," he said.  "I want you to look me in the eyes while we address this issue."

I hate that and he knows it.  I cry everytime he does it because it's humiliating to have to look at him while he punishes me, especially when I know I deserve what I'm getting.  Still, having to look him in the face while he paddles my bottom is embarrassing.

I laid down and he took the wooden paddle and gave me a smack.  When I closed my eyes he ordered me to look at him.  "What did you do to deserve this?"

"I talked myself down," I answered because I knew what the paddle was for.

He paddled me several times with his eyes locked on mine.  He reminded me that I'm beautiful and should treat myself better.  He said that he will not hesitate to punish me every time I say something negative about myself.  Fifty swats in total and I was balling.

After that, he sent me back to the corner and instructed me to place my hands on my thighs, but not to touch myself.  I was super wet and on the verge of cumming already and holding my hands so close to myself made me want to touch myself that much more.  He knew it and this was a lesson in submission and obedience.

"Please?"  I said and inched my index finger over toward my pussy.

His answer was a swift swat on my ass with his hand.  "I said no," he told me and he let me suffer there for over a minute, until I felt like I was going to explode.

Then he moved me to the bed and bent me over his knee where he gave me a hard hand spanking.  He reached his hand from behind and fingered me until I came, which didn't take but a few seconds.  Once I came, he slid me from his lap to the side of the bed and took his belt and whipped me for my attitude, which had been really terrible the past few days.  The whipping stung bad and I finally broke down and cried.  He knows that once I orgasm, the punishment is taken much more seriously.  The sexual tension is gone and the discipline is driven home.  He whipped me over sixty lashes, that was when I lost count anyway.

When he was done, he held me and I immediately slid to my knees and gave him a blow job.  I don't know what it is about his authority but it makes me want to please him in ways I can't even explain. 

After he came and we cleaned up, he held me for a few moments and then told me it was time for us to go back to boot camp.  That's where I get a spanking one to three times every day for 5 consecutive days.  I started to cry because my bottom was so sore and I didn't want to go through boot camp. but I know that it works and that I am a better person when he holds me accountable.  I need him to discipline me when I can't hold myself in check.  I respect him for having the strength of character to know when I need it and to be able to teach me submission.  So, I am sore but in a much better place emotionally and mentally. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whip It Good

This was me today after a hard spanking.  My sarcastic mouth got the best of me again and my hubby gave me quite the whipping with his belt.  What's more is he told me I'm getting the second half of the punishment tonight before bed.  My butt is still sore and I'm already dreading what's coming, even though I know I've earned it.

Friday, June 6, 2014


It's been a while since I've had a chance to blog because I got a part time job and have been tired by the end of every day.  My husband said I needed to get back at it so here I am.  We've had many discipline sessions since I last blogged but it would take forever to tell you about them, so I'll just talk about the spanking I got today, since my bottom is still burning from it.

I had been a smart mouth most of the day and my husband finally had enough.  I made a sarcastic remark and he put his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear.  "Go pull down your pants now."  I objected because our kids were home and two of our nephews were visiting so we had a houseful of kids, but he didn't care.  He had had it with my attitude and my remarks.  "NOW!" he whispered and gave my arm a deliberate squeeze.

I went into our bathroom, pulled down my pants and panties and bent over the side of the tub.  I thought I knew what was going to happen, he'd take the silent took, a loopy johnny, give me 15-20 quiet slaps and I'd be on my way, but boy was I ever wrong.  When he came into our bedroom, he locked the door and turned on the t.v. really loud.  It was a soccer game.  Then he came into the bathroom and locked that door behind him and turned on the shower and the fan.  I knew right then that he was planning on using more then just the silent tool.

He pulled me from over the tub and led me to the corner.  While I stood with my nose in the corner, he rubbed his hands over my bare ass and told me about the punishment I was going to get and why I was going to get it.  He talked about my attitude and my comments and explained that he wasn't going to tolerate this type of disrespectful behavior.  He ran his finger over my private part and stroked a few times while he explained that it was his job to keep me disciplined and on the right track and that he had been lax lately.  He then led me back to the tub where he asked me to bend over and rest my hands against the edge, so my bottom was outward, facing him.  He started with his belt and gave me 30 stinging slaps until I was crying and apologizing.  Then he had me lay down on my back and put my legs in the air so he could make eye contact with me while he spanked me.  He used the wooden paddle and gave me 20 swats, making me look him in the eye with every swat.  This was humiliating.  Looking at him while he punishes me is the worst because I can't hide the fact that I know I deserve what I'm getting.  After that he took me back into the bathroom and bent me over the tub and gave me a hard lashing with the silent tool until I was sobbing.

"I want you to think about your attitude."  He warned me and then he told me that no matter where we are or no matter if the kids are home, he will hold me accountable for my actions and my behavior.  My butt is so sore but I never feel more loved then when he takes the time to discipline me.