Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kindle Spanking

My husband bought me a new kindle because I dropped and cracked my old one.  Boy,
did I ever get a beating for that!  My bottom was sore for days but it's made me VERY careful about handling my new one.  Now that I think about it, when I broke my kindle I got a caning every day for one week straight.  My bottom was bruised but I learned a lesson.  Anyway, a friend told me about a book and I downloaded it the other day.  Believe it or not, I don't like to read erotica books.  It's just too much, too often and too overboard, but I do like romance books with a hint of the dominance and submission woven throughout.  THAT turns me on.  So, I read this book and it was hard for me to put down.  In fact, I got a spanking because I didn't do a bunch of stuff I was supposed to do because I was reading this book.  He came home and saw that dinner wasn't made, the breakfast dishes were still piled in the sink and the laundry wasn't even started, and over his knee I went.  Fifty swats for every task not done.  Then I was sent to the corner to think about my punishment.  When he caught me trying to sneak my kindle into the corner, it was upside down and fifty more swats.  Lesson learned. 

So, I'm going to recommend this book but I also recommend that you not get obsessed like I did and end up in the corner or bent over the bed for a solid caning.  It's not the typical book I normally read, which is usually straight romance.  This one is more of a suspense romance with a lot of action in it.  In fact, it had so much action that my husband even liked it and said he thought it should be made into a movie.  Just because he liked it didn't get me out of being punished for not getting stuff done though.

Anyway, there are chapter scenes that deal with the whole idea of spanking and discipline.  It made me hot reading it.  It's not like Fifty Shades of Gray, so don't expect anything like that.  It's more subtle but in there enough to make you want more.

The book is called House of Lies and it's by S.R.Claridge.  I'm now reading another book by this same author called Tetterbaum's Truth and it has a scene where a man lifts up a woman, tosses her over his shoulder and gives her several warning swats on her bottom.  I'm wondering if all of her books incorporate some sort of dominance and submission?  If so I'm going to scarf them up.  I found the author online and emailed her to ask if all of her books incorporate an element of male dominance and female submission, but I haven't heard back yet.  I'll keep you posted.

Here's the author website if you want to take a look:

Here's a pic of the book:

I downloaded it from Amazon.  Hope you like it as much as I did, but remember to stop reading and do your chores too!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School Submission Schedule

I’m laying across the bed with my bear bottom exposed.  He’s instructed me to blog about what we’ve discussed and after my blog is posted, he will begin my punishment.  I’ve earned a big one and he already said it was going to be long and hard.  It’s the beginning of a new school year and the start of a new spanking program for me and my husband.  Every summer my attitude gets worse and even though he punishes me after the kids go to bed sometimes, it seems I know I can get away with more during the summer.  That all stops today.  Here is what the next month will look like:


Every morning after I take the kids to school, I go upstairs, strip naked and stand in the corner until he comes up.  Then I will receive a solid hand spanking and a whipping with his belt for any punishment items.  If I’ve been really out of line he’ll finish up with a caning.

Me and my sore bottom head back to the corner for three minutes.  If I say anything or try to leave the corner we start over at the beginning.

After three minutes, I have to come to him, place myself over his knee and ask to be spanked.  This, as most of you know, is the first lesson of teaching submission; make the person ask to be punished.  At this time I will confess to him everything for which I deserve punishment and he will spank me again using whatever tools he decides.

At 12:00 sharp I am to strip naked again, come to his office and ask for another spanking.  This is my attitude reminder spanking and will be done in his office over his knee with the wooden paddle.  This is a minimum of 50 hard and very fast swats.  I know I will cry for sure.

At 2:30 sharp before I leave to pick up the kids from school, I am to take all of our tools to our spare room in the basement, not far from his office, lay them out on the bed and bend over the bed with my bare bottom exposed and wait for him.  This spanking will be specifically to remind me to keep my language in check around our children and to focus my attention where it needs to be while they are home. 

As you know, it is an important step in submission to not only ask for a spanking but to be told to go to different rooms, places, positions and to be obedient to those requests.  Obedience is a big step in learning submission.  As I lie here naked on the bed typing this, it is out of obedience to him.


Any insubordination or infraction that occurs after 2:30 will be handled after the kids are asleep, at which time I will be taken to the basement and paddled thoroughly. 


This is our discipline and submission plan for weekdays for the next month.  When he travels, I will be expected to self-discipline 2x per week and send him the videos.  On weekends he will make up for being gone.  By the end of September, my bottom will be sore but our marriage will be better and I will be happier with myself. 


It’s time now.  He’s rubbing my bottom with his hands, getting ready to warm it up.   

Waiting is the Worst

Sometimes waiting for my punishment is the hardest part.  I just want to get it over with but he makes me sit and wait, knowing I'll be stewing over it all day.  I feel myself swell with desire and I can't help getting wet.  At the same time my stomach twists into nervous knots.  I don't look forward to the painful spanking, but I do love the release and the warmth that floods me afterwards.

Right now I am waiting for him to call me to the spare bedroom, strip me naked and place me in the corner where I'll have to wait until he thinks I am ready to receive my punishment.  When I have been really bad, he spanks me in the spare bedroom instead of our bedroom.  I know I have a beating coming.  He's already told me it has been long overdue and my attitude needs severe adjusting.  The thing is, he's right and I want him to adjust me.  I'm a better person when I'm submitting to him.

Here he comes now.  I'll post about it afterwards.  Wish me luck.