Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Submissive Self-Spanking

My husband is teaching me how to self-spank so that I can do it when he is traveling.  It’s hard, but he has set definitive parameters and has made me do it in front of him several times now.  The other day he bent me over his desk and placed the whip in my hands and then instructed me to administer 25 hard lashes to my bottom.  He watched and approved the technique and then put the wooden paddle in my hand for 25 more swats.  Last, it was the cane, 25 more swats.  After 75 swats my arm was tired and my bottom was bright red.  He then determined that if he is to be gone longer than 5 days I will be expected to administer at least one maintenance spanking to myself, record it and send it to him for approval.  He also said my spankings ought to be as hard as his and if he comes home and my bottom is free of spanking signs, he will not be happy.

I don’t mind disciplining myself in front of him, even though it was embarrassing at first.  He is doing it for the betterment of our marriage and our family.  I cannot go too long without discipline, we both know it, so this was the only option.  We could buy a spanking machine, but they’re hard to hide and expensive or we could have one of our friends come over and punish me, but that is too awkward.  It is better this way, for him to teach me and then to discipline me himself when he gets home. 

Before and After

It’s important to continue a discipline spanking AFTER orgasm because that’s when the message is really driven home.  I know this is true because I’ve experienced it.  The times when my husband has spanked me and then we’ve had an orgasm together and it’s over has left me unfulfilled and rendered the punishment inadequate.  The orgasm sort of erases the memory of the pain.  Sometimes the sexual build up of tension makes the spanking more bearable and becomes a distraction which is why we don’t see drastic behavior changes.  Now, my husband gives me a spanking and when he senses that the sexual tension is distracting me, he either instructs me to masturbate or he brings me to climax.  Immediately when my orgasm has simmered down, he turns me over and resumes my punishment.  This time, there is no distraction and every slap on my bottom is felt and his message is driven home.  Effective punishment must be done before and AFTER the orgasm. 

Truly His and Truly Loved

My attitude and behavior has been less than desired the past week and today began my punishment.  My husband travels for work and sometimes things just build up and I get overwhelmed and then my disrespectfulness skyrockets.  I don’t know why I do it, but sometimes I just can’t hold my tongue.  During his last trip I blew up at him on the phone and said nasty curse words at him.  I didn’t treat him with respect at all.  He told me when he returned home that he was going to correct my mouth and my attitude, but that warning didn’t stop me.  I guess I thought it was an idle threat, but boy was I wrong. 

This morning after I took our kids to school and came home, he was waiting for me in the kitchen.  Before I could pour my coffee he took me by the hand and led me upstairs.  On the bed he had already laid out all of his spanking tools.  I knew I was going to be punished, and hard.  What’s worse, I knew I deserved what was coming.

He told me to undress and then bent me over his knee and began warming up my bottom with his hand.  He told me that I had a good walloping coming and that because of my ongoing attitude and the curse words I used, this was going to be a week long punishment.

This morning was day one and my bottom is still hot and red.  This is the punishment we laid out together as a reminder to me that, no matter the circumstance, I am not to treat him so poorly.

Every morning after I return from taking the kids to school, I am to go straight to our bedroom, unclothe and bend over the bed with my bare bottom exposed.  I am to wait in this position until he comes to correct me.  Like today, I will be paddled with every instrument, the whip, the cane and the paddle.  After I am thoroughly spanked I will be sent to the corner for five minutes to think about my punishment.  When the five minutes is up, I am to come to him and ask him for another spanking.

This is almost the hardest part, asking him to spank me.  It’s so humiliating even though I know I deserve it and need it. 

Then, each afternoon after lunch, I am to bring a tool to his office, which is in our basement, bare my bottom again and tell him why I need to feel his disciplining stroke on me.  Today, he bent me over the chair in his office and gave me a long, hard paddling.  It hurts so much more when he goes fast.   The fast swats sting more.

I know he is teaching me submission and I am grateful, even though my bottom is throbbing.  He said he wants me to be reminded of my behavior every time I sit down and believe me, today I have been reminded.  It’s amazing how quickly my respect for him returns, almost the moment he places me over his knee.   His strong hands spank me out of love and concern for us and me and who we are and I know our marriage would not be as strong if he didn’t have what it takes to keep me in a good place.

His strength in disciplining me makes me love and respect him so much.  When he warms my bottom, he warms my heart too and I am happy to be with a man who is so strong and manly and tender all at the same time.  Even though I don't like it, when he spanks me, I know that I am truly his and truly loved.