Monday, July 24, 2017

It Will Save Your Marriage

We got a lot of emails asking us to outline our DD methods and what works best.  We're happy to share what we do but you need to know that what works for one couple might not be the right tactic for another.  You have to be willing to try new things and change things that aren't working.


The trick to submission and dominance is consistency.  When consistency fails, the whole thing breaks down.  The woman starts to feel unloved, unwanted and unnoticed.  She begins to harbor resentment and sadness and anger toward her husband.  He feels this change and becomes defensive because he doesn't understand why she is behaving this way toward him.  It can quickly become a dark spiral of marital turmoil.  So if you are going to commit to a DD relationship, you have to have a solid commitment from both partners in order for both partners to reap the benefits.


Submission to the man she loves makes her feel loved and gives her the freedom to relinquish her heart completely to him, trusting him with every element of their lives.  When she knows that she no longer has the power to destroy the marriage, she relaxes and becomes a being that is peace-filled and stable.  He holds the reins and this allows her to rest in his love.  If she misbehaves, or does something that could be damaging to the marriage, he will hold her accountable.  There will be restitution and resolution through her submission.  It gives her a feeling of safety.  It is an unbelievable feeling when the man you love will take you over his knee to clean the slate, save you from yourself and ultimately protect the marriage.


Men were designed to be the dominant partner.  They are the protector and provider and defender by nature.  Dominance isn't about power but about love.  It can be difficult to punish the woman you love, especially when you know that spanking her bottom brings physical pain.  It takes great strength to be the dominant male.  In taking the woman he loves over his knee and helping her to shape her behavior, he gains the security of knowing her love is so deep and her trust in him so mighty that she will submit her body to him.  One body, one flesh.  When he disciplines her, he shapes the marriage as well, forcing turmoil away and opening the doorway for peace in their home and their hearts.  He gains the security of her love.


Fewer couples who participate in DD end up in divorce.  The divorce rate for couples is over 55% in the US and Britain.  For DD couples it is under 10%.  In additional, fewer DD couples engage in extra-marital affairs than other couples.  They also fight less about money and statistically engage in sexual activity more frequently.  Bringing the balance of submission and dominance into your marriage is relationship altering and the equivalent of marital salvation.  It brings the male-female nature into harmony.  DD is not about beating your wife into submission.  It is about finding a pathway toward submission together.  It is not about power but about offering each other an exchange of unconditional love.  It is a love that no matter the infraction, it can prevail.  No matter the pain, it can overcome.  It gives partners the security and safety every marriage needs.


Start and re-start your marriage with a boot camp.  Boot camp is a step-by-step guide to submission and it is crucial in getting the mindset right and bringing your marriage into balance.

We recommend a 3-4 day short boot camp that looks something like this:
Day 1:  
a) Upon waking up, husband needs to inform his wife that she will be receiving a spanking at such and such a time and give her instructions.  (i.e. at 9:50am remove all of your clothing and stand in the corner reflecting on what infractions you will be punished for going forward.  At 9:55am, bring all of the tools downstairs and bend over the couch.  At 10:00am we will discuss each item and give a sample whipping for each.)  Spanking should be long, hard and include many instruments.  You are setting the tone for what is expected.  Example:  If you lie to me, you will receive a minimum of 50 lashes with the cane.  Issue that punishment so your expectations and the consequences are clear.  Do this with each item and assign a tool to it.  She mush be spanked to tears for the message to get through.  If she is not crying, you are not doing it hard or long or fast enough.  When the session is finished, send her back to the corner for a minimum of 3 minutes.  Do not make love or be intimate until she has had corner time to process the meaning of her actions and the resulting consequences. When the 3 minutes is up then you may indulge in intimacy in any way you like.
b)  In the afternoon, give her a spontaneous hard hand-spanking (minimum of 100-150 swats)  Explain to her that you will always be watching and you will be quick to respond with punishment if her behavior warrants it.
c)  Before bedtime talk with her about how important an attitude of submission is to the success of your marriage.  Tell her what you expect and the things you will not tolerate.  Take off her clothing, have her lie on her back, raise her legs into the air so that you and she are looking at each other and her bottom is exposed to you, and give her a hard, fast, hand spanking while maintaining eye contact. This lets her know that you see her, all of her, the good and the bad, that you love her for who she is, that she needn't ever hide anything from you.  This eye contact while you are spanking her is a very important step in her being able to trust you.  Submission is built on trust so she must see that you will look her in the face even when she has done something wrong and love her enough to relieve her of the guilt and shame by punishing her.  Again, spank her to tears and then share in intimacy and hold each other through the night.

Day 2:
Use similar techniques for Day 2, except instead of focusing on the behaviors that will bring on punishment, focus on past behaviors for which she believes she needs to atone.  Common ones are lies, past fights, inappropriate flirtations, infidelity, manipulations, etc.  Address these without anger or blaming or fighting.  She must tell you what each one is and then one-by-one in separate sessions throughout the day and night, you clean whatever it is from her slate.  This allows her to forgive herself once and for all and to put the shame away.  These sessions can be emotional and they must be to tears.

Day 3:
Use similar techniques from Day 2, except today is about you and your feelings and clearing your slate from the frustrations and pain of the past.  Some of those things might be the same things that she mentioned yesterday and some may be applicable only to you.  Address each one and express how they made you feel.  One-by-one in separate sessions throughout the day and night allow her to come to you and offer herself for the sake of your restitution.  She must bare herself as a gift to you, giving her body for your cleansing and the cleansing of the marriage.  If Day 1 and Day 2 have gone well, this will be something she desperately wants to do.  These spankings are true punishment for her and healing for you.  Example:  if she has wronged you with infidelity, you owe it to her and to yourself to free yourself of those emotions once and for all, even when you have buried them deep and put them away.  Allow them to resurface and instead of using hateful words that will demean and crush the marriage, use your belt safely and sternly across her bottom to say what you feel and reveal a cleansed and renewed bond.  This is a difficult day for husbands because it entails tapping into your emotions and then letting them out.  But, when you do this, it will free your mind and unburden your heart in ways you never imagined.

After boot camp, it is important that you develop a consistent and constant schedule of discipline.  A daily reminder spanking is the best, most successful route.  If you can't do that, then work out a schedule to be able to do it on days when you are together.  Get a spanking machine and watch via skype or facetime if needed.  Teach self-spanking if that is a viable option with your spouse.  If you travel a lot like me, your wife's bottom should be bright red every day you are home to make up for the days you are gone.  It is your duty.  Have her chart or write nightly to you, defining any infractions so that you can cater the machine to issue a punishment in your absence or so that you can design a punishment strategy for when you arrive home.  Be willing to alter the schedule when needed.

IMPORTANT:  Sometime after boot camp, spank her in public.  Not in front of other people but in a public place so that she knows that just because you are in public it doesn't mean you aren't willing and ready to take her over your knee.  If you're on the road, pull over at a private spot, have her bend over the back seat with her bare bottom exposed and give her a hard hand spanking.  If you are in a restaurant or mall, go to the bathroom, take off your belt and give her a strapping she won't forget.  At a friend or relative's house, take her discreetly into the bathroom, bend her over the sink and whip her with a belt or a plastic hangar or a hair brush handle.  It is imperative that she understands that you still hold the reins even in public.


Mon - Thursday:  Heather receives a reminder spanking with the machine in the morning.

Friday - Sunday:  Heather receives a reminder spanking from me in the morning.

Friday afternoon:  We address any of the infractions she wrote down in her journal that week and discuss what her punishment will be.  She stands naked in the corner to reflect on what she will receive.

Friday evening:  She receives a punishment session.  These can last up to an hour as they include addressing every infraction individually and corner time.

During the weekend Heather receives punishment spankings whenever her behavior warrants it, which is typically two-to-three times per weekend.

Find what works for you and DO IT!

Sometimes We All Need A Little Help

I don't blog as much as I used to because there just isn't enough time and we've been trying some other methods of discipline that don't involve me blogging about every time I am given a whipping. We have tried a lot of things and I want to tell you about the most recent ones that have really worked well for us.

As all of you guys know my hubby travels for work and sometimes works from home in his home office that is in our basement.  I've gotten many spankings in his office at home, so much that whenever he calls me down there I get those nerves of anticipation in my belly.  Lately, like the past year, he's been traveling over seas more and those are longer trips.  It's taken a toll on me and on our marriage in a way because we haven't been as joined together as we used to be.  I have gotten lonely sometimes and started doing more stuff with my friends and our neighbors.

Three months ago, my hubby was home and we had some of our neighbors over for dinner and drinks and games.  One neighbor, Mitch, I've been hanging out with more often then the others lately and I guess maybe we've been a little more flirty then we should have been.  He rubbed his thumb over my shoulder during our card game and my husband noticed it right away.  When everybody left for the night, my hubby asked me if I had fucked Mitch.  It blew up into a horrible fight and we realized that I was angry at him for being gone so much and he was angry at me for being lonely and needing more attention.  He asked me if I wanted to fuck Mitch and though I had never done anything with Mitch, I couldn't deny that his attention felt really good to me.  My husband asked me if I had been unfaithful to him?  No.  I hadn't, not with my body but with my thoughts, maybe I had.  I broke down sobbing feeling awful and angry.  What was worse was he didn't spank me for my admission of having unfaithful thoughts.  He didn't do anything.

Weeks went by and it was awful.  I thought our marriage was ending.  Then a package came in the mail and he took it downstairs to his office without showing it to me.  My mind started to wonder if he was seeing someone on the side and that's why he didn't punish me for having thoughts about Mitch.  A few hours later he called me downstairs and told me that he didn't punish me for my thoughts about Mitch because he knew that the way I was feeling was partially his fault.  He said he had neglected me and our marriage and had let his work get in the way of our health.  He apologized to me and told me how important I was to him and how much he loved me. I couldn't believe it.  I was so relieved to hear him take responsibility for us and to hear him acknowledge that he had left me and left our marriage behind to his job.  We made love on the couch in his office and it was beautiful.

Afterwards, as I was starting to get dressed, he told me to leave my panties off.  I knew immediately what that meant.  He was going to spank me.  He told me that he was going to discipline me for allowing myself to become flirty with Mitch and for letting myself entertain romantic notions about him.  I knew I deserved this punishment.  He bent me over the arm of the couch, slid his belt from his pants that were on the floor, and gave me a long, hard whipping.  He then sent me to the corner to think about why I allowed myself to be flirty with another man.  He then brought me back over to the couch and over his knee where he gave me a hard hand spanking until I cried in his arms, admitting that I knew it was wrong and asking for his forgiveness.

Back to the corner to think about how my actions brought on these consequences.  Then he told me to put my hands atop his desk and bend over.  I did and awaited the sting of his belt but it didn't come.  Instead he sat down in his chair behind his desk, facing me.  He pushed a button on a remote and I heard a whirring sound and then felt the slap of a paddle.  I looked at him, confused for a moment and then realized that he had placed a spanking machine on the desk.  It was set for ten minutes.  He folded his arms and watched quietly as I received several more slaps with the paddle.  "Every day that I am traveling, you will come down here, take off your panties, bend over my desk and get a spanking to remind you that even when I'm not here, I still care about you, about your behavior and about our marriage."  I cried as he spoke.

He set the machine to maximum levels so it would issue a hard spanking every time.  I've been using it regularly at his request.  I haven't even thought about Mitch or any other man.  Sometimes, when I have infractions in other areas and he is gone, he will call me at night, instruct me to go downstairs for my punishment and then stay on the phone talking to me while I get a spanking.

Our marriage is better, we are connected and close again and it's all thanks to a spanking machine.  If you or your spouse travels and you've felt the disconnect and the loneliness and haven't been able to discipline or be disciplined the way you know is needed for a healthy marriage, get one of these machines, lay down the rules and obey them.  You will be better!