Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Spanksgiving!

Happy Spanksgiving everyone!

Sometimes discipline has to be administered even on a holiday.  Looks like I'm on my way to the bathroom to get a quiet paddling.  I dropped an accidental F-bomb and I know my husband caught it because he gave me "the look."  Now, I'm waiting for him to come find me and tell me to go bare my bottom and wait for him.
Waiting is so hard sometimes.  I know I deserve what's coming and I want him to hold me accountable, but at the same time, the silent loopy johnny whip really hurts.
Me and my big mouth!
Happy Spanksgiving!

Baring It All

This is a happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving for me!  My husband downloaded the new Elise Dugar Episodes book for me, called BARING IT ALL.  Oooooh, it's good, good, good!!!

Elise gets spanked on the rooftop of the hospital where she works.  It's an awesome scene and sexy, very, very hot!

I just love Susan Sanchez stories. I hope you guys like them as much as I do.  Of course it doesn't hurt that they cost less than a buck too, and the fact that they not only get me hot but they get my hubby going too.  It's a win, win, win for us!
You can view the book here.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Favorite Pics

Some of my new found favorite pics.  Hope you enjoy and have a very happy holiday season!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Submissive Susan

I am excited to share part of my conversation with Susan Sanchez, author of the Elise Dugar Episodes, a short story series on submission and domestic discipline.  She was very entertaining and I can’t wait to read her next books.  She zeros down on the true sensuality of submission and dominance in a way that I think a lot of writers miss; but that’s because she has a better understanding of it than most.  Susan Sanchez isn’t just an erotica writer, she’s a believer in the baring the bottom for the sake of love. 


What made you decide to write about submission and dominance?


I have seen personally and through others the benefits of this type of relational equilibrium, so I thought I would put it into words through short stories.



     Are you going to write more than the Elise Dugar Episodes?


Yes.  I’m actually writing a full-length novel about this type of balance.



     Would you consider your work to be similar to Fifty Shades of Grey?


No.  I enjoyed reading that series but the kink got a little old for me after a while.  I found myself skimming through those parts to get back to the story.  For me the hottest scenes in that series were the ones where she was spanked, plain and simple, without all of the tying up.  My books don’t include bondage.  They are simply about the freedom that comes with submission and the harmony derived from a submissive/dominant relationship.


                I love your books.  I, too, have felt that a lot of the books out there don’t realistically depict the domestic discipline side of things.  What do you think?


They don’t or at least most of the ones I’ve encountered.  There are some good non-fiction books on the subject but I haven’t seen really good fiction books.  They usually focus on the sexual activity and I understand why, because sex sells; but I don’t think the sex should be overly done as it is in so many of these types of books.  Submission and Dominance, when in effortless balance, in and of itself, has a deep sexual element.  My hope is to portray that sensuality in my books without having to be overly graphic in nature.


     Are your books selling well?


Yes.  It’s exciting to see that so many people are enjoying my stories and are asking for more.


        Do you get spanked on a regular basis?


I’m not sure how to define “regular” but yes, I know my place over the knee; and I do believe it is often a necessity.


     Have you experienced everything you write about?


That is a good question.  Yes, I have, with the exception of the fact that I’ve never tried to throw myself off of a balcony and I haven’t had sex with a hot fireman.  LOL.


     What is your most dreaded spanking implement?


The paddle with the holes in it.


     Why do you think spanking is so important in a relationship?


Well, for many of the same reasons you state in your blog.  It alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed, helps adjust perspective, is emotionally calming, reduces tension, increases trust, gives a feeling of safety, proves a person is notices, accepted and loved, increases sexual bonding and ultimately brings partners closer together.  Sometimes love has to be tough love.  Often times tough love is the strongest of all.



     What would you like to say to my blog readers?


First, thank you for your interest in acquiring balance through submission and dominance.  Some of the happiest couples I know are those that employ this philosophy in their lives.  I wish you that same fulfillment.  Second, thank you for reading this interview and for your interest in my books.  Please tell your friends about my books.


     Where can we connect with you?


People can reach me on Facebook .  In fact, I would love it if you would “Like” my author page on Facebook.  You can also email me directly at
You can also visit my Amazon Author page for more information on my books.





Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exciting News!

Exciting News!

I got an email from the author of the Elise Dugar Episodes.  I guess my blog showed up linked to her name and so she was checking it out and saw that I was a fan of her books.  She's agreed to do an exclusive interview with me!  I'm so excited!  She said she'll give a sneak peek into what she's writing next. 

So, tune in on Wednesday (tomorrow) and meet author Susan Sanchez, author of the Elise Dugar Episodes.  If you haven't read them yet, you've got to read them!

If you don't know who I'm talking about, you can check her page out here:

Tune in tomorrow!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Heating Things Up

I just finished reading the fourth book in the Elise Dugar Episodes and they are just so good.  One of the reasons I like them is because they're short so when I get deep into the story it doesn't take up my whole day and get me into trouble for not getting done what I need to.  Second, I really like the perspective on submission and dominance.  Some books I've read in the past have had great stories but then the real-life sub/dom element is skewed or so far over the top that it loses it's realism for me.  I get frustrated when that happens.   Third, I like sex scenes but not ones that are SO graphic that it sort of gets distasteful.  The Elise Dugar Episode books are subtle and for me, it's the subtly that gets me turned on.  And it's not just a chick thing either.  My hubby likes them and that's saying a lot because he doesn't read much more than the newspaper.

Anyway, here's the latest book and the link to it if you want to pick it up.  It's cheap, cheap, cheap and totally worth the read.  I recommend reading it with your hubby but make sure you're alone because things are bound to heat up; maybe even your bottom!  :)
And for your viewing pleasure, here are some new pictures:










Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Better Me

Dominance and Submission dates back a long, long time, and so does punishment spankings.  There's a balance in the male/female psyche when the male is dominant and the female is submissive.  I know some people participate the other way around and that seems to work for them, which is good.  But, for me and my husband, we feel a carnal, instinctive urge toward the balance we find in his dominance and my submission. 

Men are by nature more logical than women.  Women are more emotional than men.  It's a good balance.  However, sometimes are emotions can run wild and affect our ability to make rational decisions.  Having a man there to help control the emotions is beneficial.  Maintenance spankings help a lot.  I am living proof that when my husband spanks me several times a week, I function better.  I am more tolerant of others, I am less stressed and tend to not feel overwhelmed by everything that's going on in our lives.  I've come to realize that when he maintains a strict schedule of maintenance or reminder spankings, I'm a better me.  I like that.  It's a simple solution to what would otherwise become a terrible situation.  We avoid big fights this way because, let's face it, when the woman in the house is at peace, so is the man.  It usually isn't the man of the house creating the emotional turmoil.  So, for me to go over his knee for a reminder spanking is little price to pay for harmony in our lives.  I can't stress enough how important maintenance spankings are.

This is the schedule we are on.  Keep in mind that my hubby travels some and works some from home.  When he's home I get spanked almost every day.  When he's gone he will either instruct me to give myself a spanking, which I've described in detail in past blogs, or he'll have me write down my infractions daily and he addresses them the moment he gets home.  It's hard for me when he's gone because I need to be disciplined and held accountable regularly.  Like I said, it makes me a better me.  I like myself more when I am being held accountable.  I like all of life more in fact.

Our schedule when he's home:

Monday - Friday Morning:  After I take our kids to school I come home and go straight to our bedroom and unclothe.  I lay over the bed naked with my bottom exposed.  He comes in, talks with me about the things we are working on and the improvements we want to see and then gives me a hard and long hand spanking.  After that, I bend over and touch my toes and he gives me twenty smacks with the leather strap.  This is to remind me of all we have talked about.  Then, it's corner time for three minutes to think about the spanking I just received.

Monday-Friday Afternoon:  Before the kids come home from school, my hubby and I will sit down and assess how the day has gone so far.  If he feels or if I feel I need more reminding, he'll spank me again.  If not, then he doesn't.

Monday-Friday Bedtime:  Before bed he gives me a spanking with the loopy johnny whip because it's quiet.  Usually this is a short spanking, but boy does that whip sting.

If I have earned a punishment spanking throughout the day, he either gives it to me right away or waits until the next morning and adds it to my maintenance spanking.

On weekends, whenever we find time alone, he will usually give me a quick reminder spanking, but most of the time weekends only involve discipline spankings when I have done something to be punished, which can be often at times, depending on my attitude.

There are days when I get a spanking up to four times and my bum really hurts.  I don't like those days so I try really hard to avoid them. But going over his knee once or twice a day keeps me in line and makes me feel carefree and even joyful afterwards.  It melts away my stress.  I hear a lot of people say that they don't experience the same afterglow and I think that's because they are probably not being spanked to tears and not being properly spoken to during the spanking.  It's important for the man to verbally chastise while punishing so that the woman can make a clear connection between her action or behavior and the punishment.  Here's an example:

This happened a while ago, when long distance fees still existed and they were incredibly high.  Anyway, I have a friend in London and she and I talked over two hours.  I had called her.  I don't want to tell you the amount of money that call cost because to this day my butt stings when I think of it.  I got a hard spanking, in fact, I got many hard spankings; but it was how my hubby handled it that drove the point home. 

As he put me over his knee, he said:  "You knew the time limits for long distance calls and you intentionally disregarded the rules.  This has cost us a lot of money.  It was selfish of you to waste that money.  You were disobedient and frivolous and showed a clear disrespect for the rules we laid out together.  For all of that, I'm going to discipline you."

I was already in tears before he even started to spank me.  But the key was that WHILE HE SPANKED ME, he chastised me.  While smacking my bottom he would say, "I will not tolerate your disobedience."  So with every smack I knew I was being punished for disobedience.  It might sound silly, but it's important and it works.  I've never exceeded my long distance (and now my cell phone limit) ever again!

The long and the short of it is, spanking serves a purpose for the man and the woman.  Balance. Harmony.  Love.  An afterglow that is unexplainable.  I am grateful to have a man that loves me enough to help me become a better me. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Another spanking on an already red bottom..........

Dropping my Pants like F-bombs

My husband doesn’t like it when I curse.  It’s one of the things on my list of things for which I get disciplined.  Honestly, I don’t want to use bad language either but sometimes it just flows out of me.  Whenever I am upset or mad or feel there’s been an injustice or in pain or frustrated, well, you get the picture.  I tend to teeter on the edge of cursing a lot.

Today, my husband came up from his office downstairs right as I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone and venting some of my frustration.  I dropped several f-bombs before I realized he was in the room.  He told me to get off of the phone and bare my bottom immediately, which, of course I didn’t do because my girlfriend was in the middle of talking and it would have been rude to interrupt her.  That made my hubby twice as mad.

“Tell her you’ll call her back and hang up the phone now,” he said.

Finally, about ten minutes later when my girlfriend stopped talking, I made up an excuse why I had to go.  My husband had left a note for me on the kitchen table that read:  “Go get my black belt, the cane and the loopy johnny whip, get naked and come to my office.”

I got butterflies in my stomach when I saw the note.  I knew I was in for a big beating.  Part of me thought to grab my car keys and leave, but I knew once I returned it would be even worse.  So, I fetched the tools, took off my clothes and walked downstairs to his office.  He took the tools from me and told me to stand in the corner.  I did.  He told me that if I was going to be dropping F-bombs then I was going to be dropping my pants.  
After a few minutes in the corner, he took me over his knee and gave me a hard, hard, hard spanking with his hand.  My butt was burning hot already when he was through and told me to bend over the arm of the sofa.  He rarely makes me count swats, but he did today and I counted 55 swats with his belt.  My butt was on fire and I was fighting back the urge to cry.  He moved me to the coffee table and instructed me to bend over and place my hands on the table, sticking my butt out toward him.  He then gave me 25 lashes with the cane.  I finally cried.  The cane hurts really bad.  Back over his knee I went for forty swats with the loopy johnny whip while he lectured me on how the F word is not appropriate for a lady to say and should not be said in our home. 

I hope I’ve learned my lesson this time.  My bottom stings even as I sit here typing this.  I wish I didn’t curse and I’m going to try really hard to do better, otherwise I won’t be able to sit down EVER.

After my spanking was over, he kissed me and told me I had a clean slate.  He then told me to try and keep it clean longer than I had kept it clean before.  I’m going to try.  It never ceases to amaze me how much he loves me and how right I feel whenever he holds me accountable to the things in myself that I want to change.  I can’t do it alone and though I don’t like to be punished, I do like the fact that he’s strong enough to take me under his authority and give me a spanking when I need it.  A lot of people think this is strange, but I think it’s wonderful. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've been reading these books on discipline and I've blogged about a couple of them.  Well, this last one I thought was so good I shared it with my hubby, who made the comment that the way the man in book responded was exactly how he would have responded too.  It led us to some pretty deep conversations.  For example:  In the book the man spanks the woman in the stairwell of their apartment building where anyone could have walked in and seen or even overheard what was happening. 

I asked my hubby:  Would you spank me somewhere public like that, where someone might see us?

He said:  If you did to me what she did to him I'd have dragged your ass into the middle of the street and whipped you in plain sight of everyone.

Me:  Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  That would not be good.

We ended up arguing about what the man could and couldn't do, what was considered "right" or "wrong" and "fair" or "unfair."

Needless to say it escalated into a full on fight and I ended up bent over the counter in the kitchen getting a whipping with his belt.  He chose the belt because that was the name of the book:  Belting Love

He gave me a hard whipping for my attitude and then took me over his knee right before bed for a reminder spanking.  My butt was burning as I crawled into bed.

Anyway, despite the fact that I got in trouble ..........AGAIN........ I really am enjoying these books.  If you're an Amazon Prime member like me you can download them for free!  Just click on the pics for the links:

I totally recommend them for men and women, and they are really hot when you read them together.  But watch out for the discussions that follow.  They can get you into a bit of trouble.  :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Smell a Spanking Coming On

My hubby has been traveling a lot for work and it's been really hard on me.  He was gone for ten days straight and just got home two days ago.  The transition from him being gone to being home is hard too, though I much prefer having him home. 

While he was gone I had to give myself two hard self-spankings while we Facetimed on the phone.  One was because of my language and the other was because of my negative attitude.  I deserved both of them, though I prefer his spankings to mine.

When he got home the other night, he was in rare form because it had been a long flight and right when he walked in I asked him why he smelled like perfume.  That wasn't smart.  I could see the look in his eyes and I knew right away I was gonna get it.  He took me by the wrist and pulled me into the family room.  He said, "All I smell is a spanking coming on."  Before I could even apologize or say anything at all, he had his belt off, my pants down and was whipping me hard over the back of the couch.  Thirty swats on my bare butt for my jealous comment. When he stopped I was so antagonistic I blurted, "you didn't answer my question!"  To which he answered with another thirty swats.  My butt was bright red when he was done and I was in tears, but I felt better and I think he did too.  I had missed his authority and I needed to feel him love me securely and forcefully. 

He told me later that he sat next to a woman on the plane who's perfume was so strong that the gentleman in the row ahead of her complained to the flight attendant. 

Right before bed, while I was laying in bed reading, he came in and told me to get up and take off my clothes.  I hesitated so he helped.  He pulled off my t-shirt and pulled down my panties and then took me over his knee.  I'm not sure why other than it was an exercise in submission.  He gave me a hard, hard hand-spanking until I lay limp and flushed over his lap.  After three minutes of corner time to think about how I should have jumped up and obeyed his request to take off my clothes right away, we went to bed and he made-love to me.  It was slow and perfect.  Sometimes we get rushed and I feel like we are having sex but not making love.  This time it was beautiful.

I love how he loves me enough to care enough to adjust my attitude.  :) 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  That author, Susan Sanchez, has a new book out and it's a sequel to the first.  The back of the book says more are coming too.  I'm very excited! Her stories are only $0.99 to download which is even more awesome because I have a limit on how much I can spend monthly on my kindle.  Anyway, the series is called the Elise Dugar Episodes.  I read the first book last week and I just read the second one called Anticipation this week.  So good.  So, so, so good.  Thankfully my hubby was in town when I read Anticipation because I would have had to stop and pleasure myself otherwise.  It's THAT good!  Check it out: