Monday, February 13, 2017


It's been a while since I've blogged but that doesn't mean it's been a while since I've had my bottom spanked.  My husband took the pre-spanking blogging requirement off of my list for a while but added it back on today because he said we've been getting a lot of emails requesting the blog to be updated.  So here I am writing this while waiting to be disciplined.  Actually, I'm waiting to be punished and I know that I've got what's coming.

For the past six or seven months I've really only gotten maintenance spankings with the exception of two instances when I earned a punishment and he gave me a walloping.  The first was when I had had too much to drink and I got mouthy with him and with his brother and his wife.  We disagreed on some issues that I won't go into here but my hubby wasn't happy with the way I handled myself at dinner.  He warned me twice by giving me a look and touching his belt buckle, which is the sign that I am treading on thin ice, but I didn't care.  I had drank too much and I was hell bent on saying my piece.  He excused us to the bathroom, bent me over the sink and whipped my bare bottom until I was red, sore and apologizing.

The second instance was when I spent too much money on the credit card, which is now a new item added to my list.  I knew I had gone overboard but I guess I was hoping he wouldn't notice.  When the bill came, he called me to his office in the basement, showed me the charges and then informed me that after the kids were in bed I was going to be punished.  That night he took me down to his office, locked the basement door so the kids couldn't come down, took off all of my clothes and had me stand in the corner for 3 minutes.  The anticipation was killing me.  He then bent me over the top of his desk, and gave me a whipping, first with his belt, then the wooden paddle and then the cane.  I was crying when he sent me back to the corner for another 3 minutes to think about why I was being punished.  After that, he put me over his knee and spanked me long and hard until I sobbed.  I was crying more from the embarrassment of earning the punishment than from physical pain, though it does hurt when he paddles me.

Other than those two times, I've only received maintenance or reminder spankings, except for the one that's about to happen now.  This punishment is coming because of  a culmination of my attitude and my jealousy, which he doesn't tolerate, especially since he hasn't given me any reason to be jealous. I know I need to be disciplined and I know I will be better after it, but I still get anxious and fearful that it's going to hurt.  He took the kids to school and before leaving, instructed me to take off my clothes and post this blog explaining what was going to happen.  He told me that when he gets home, he will put me in the corner so that I can solely focus on the reason I am getting punished.  Then I will bend over the side of the bed and he will stand behind me and spank me with the strap.  It always hurts more when he stands instead of sits because it has a greater sting.  That is for my attitude.  Then he will bend me over the dresser and whip me with the cane, for my cursing.  Next, I will go over his knee for a paddling with the wooden ping pong paddle.  And then he'll finish up with a handspanking over his knee.

So here I sit, my bare bottom exposed and waiting for his correction upon it.