Thursday, November 5, 2015

Never Hide a Credit Card Bill

My husband came home today and I knew right away that he was upset.  I had spent a lot of money, more than I should have and I usually give him a head's up but I purposefully didn't.  Instead, I waited the couple weeks for the next bill to come.  It had come in the mail this morning, so I wasn't surprised when he approached me in the kitchen with it in his hand.

I said I was sorry and he said that it was nice to hear but that I wasn't nearly as sorry as I was about to be.  Then he unbuckled his belt and slid the leather through the loops, winding it around his right hand.

"Take down your pants and bend over the counter," he said.

My stomach got that hollow feeling and I started to speak but he said, "Heather, you spent too much and then you tried to hide it from me.  Now, take down your pants and bend over the counter."

I knew he was right. I was busted but I so didn't want a spanking.  I stood frozen, with my fingers on the button of my jeans.

"For every second you wait, I'm adding 20 swats," he said.

I got undressed more quickly and bend over the counter so my butt was exposed.  I gripped the top of the counter and waited for the first stinging swat.

It came quickly and he lectured me as he issued 65 swats across my bare butt.

"Corner," he said and pointed.  He then told me to take off my blouse and bra and stand there naked.

I stood there for almost 5 minutes and then he told me to bend over his knees on the couch.  I was already crying when I crawled across his lap for a hard, hard hand-spanking that left me sobbing and repenting.

I promised I would never hide a bill from him again. And I won't.  I'll think about this spanking before I even use my credit card again!


  1. I ask to be spanked by my husband. If we had the time I would want it every day because it is so helpful to me in keeping me calm and centered. I also love that he takes charge in a physical way and isn't hesitant to administer the spanking but I often wish he was more demanding and much stricter with me. I think I have too much control in our marriage. I have copied different blog posts and given them to him over the past year and that has helped but I still feel awkward asking him to assert himself in this way when he is such a sweet and gentle man.

  2. My wife deceived me about a credit card sale. Said she had brought work shoes. Instead it was spent on a birthday present for me.. Did feel bad at all because it was not the truth about the shoes. So I said out of bed you get and over my knee.. The shock in her voice was punishement in it self. She has not been spanked in over two years ... To be fair only gave about 15 bear hand smacks. Not too hard either ..
    Now that's spanking is back in her mind next time will be more harsh

  3. I too have done this and recieved 100 lashes with his belt the another 100 with his paddle sized hand.

  4. Back of wood hairbrush bare bottom OTK controls my partners spending!!

  5. I'm getting spanked tonight I dread it so bad ..i have been terrible and he's going to spank me hard