Thursday, February 28, 2013

Submission Helpful Hints

Many people have trouble with learning submission.  It's hard.  But these little things help along the way.  I used to think they were trivial, but they are actually very important in the process of learning how to submit to your husband.  Submission means trusting with your whole heart.  Anything he asks you to do, you do, because you know that he loves you and will only do things that are good for you, honor you, make you better, draw you closer and protect you.

Here are some little things to help you learn how to submit:

1.  Your husband should give reminder spankings periodically.  Randomly, he should ask you to go retrieve an implement, bare your bottom and take a spanking even though you haven't done anything to earn it.

2.  Corner time is imperative toward submission.

3.  Spanking you to tears is necessary to break the rebellion in you.

4.  If sexual tension becomes an issue, which it often does in discipline; allow an orgasm and then issue the rest of the spanking afterwards.  His message will not be clear if you are blocked by sexual tension.

5.  You should have to ASK him for a spanking at least three times per week.  These are for the little things he doesn't know you've thought or done.

6.  While spanking you, he should be verbally reprimanding as well so that you are hearing and feeling the punishment simultaneously.

7.  Jump start your submission every six months with a breakthrough 3-7 day session.

8.  The warmer your bottom, the warmer your heart.  His swats should be fast and hard.

9.  If you haven't sobbed, you've been robbed.

10.  If he can't discipline you right away, you should journal what punishment is deserved so it can be issued later.

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  1. Really lovely, dear Heather, I definitely subscribe your 'agenda'!