Thursday, February 28, 2013

DD Breakthrough

Below is an article from a very close friend of me and my husband.  He and his wife have been living the DD lifestyle for many years and have actually taught us a lot.  Sometimes discipline gets stagnant, just as everything in life does.  When it does my ability to respect and be submissive goes by the wayside.  Our friend shared this Breakthrough procedure with us and it works wonders.  I hope this helps you, too.
DD Breakthrough

Most of my readers know that my wife and I have been in a DD (Domestic Discipline) marriage for over 15 years. We’ve had our ups and downs but even she would tell you that the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

My wife is 46 years old and I am 50 years old. We had a good balance of discipline and punishment in our home, up until this year when my wife’s behavior grew worse. Now, that is to say, worse for her. She is a kind, gentle, loving woman and a great mother to our children. But, our regular discipline no longer seemed to be working. Despite her weekly maintenance or what we call reminder spankings, I was having to punish her for things which were not the norm. Her cursing and disrespect elevated to new heights, as did her sarcasm and she was not able to be submissive. It was as if she were PMS-ing all day, every day, and even she would tell you she could not control her aggressive tendencies or attitude.

Finally, my wife went to see her doctor and we learned that she was going through menopause. A light bulb lit and I now understood why it wasn’t working for her and that she and I were going to have to start all over with her discipline.

We talked to some DD friends of ours who had a similar experience and learned that what worked best for them was a jump-start back into submission. It has worked miracles for us. It has calmed my wife and made her feel more relaxed and given her an overall better sense of well-being. She commented the other day that she felt more productive and peaceful after each discipline session and that she felt as though she had learned to trust me deeper. It has made our marriage and our home more peaceful and enjoyable. She said it and I agree that over the past several weeks we have laughed more and loved more.

Here is the system we implemented for our jump-start. I advise you follow it precisely, even though it appears rigid. The time intervals are important for two reasons: first, her bottom will need time to cool off in between sessions and second, the rigid schedule enforces her into an attitude of submission. You may change the times to fit your schedule but do not change the intervals between times. (i.e. if the schedule reads 9 and 11, you can change that to 8 and 10, as long as there remains 2 hours between sessions)

A jump start can be a 3-day, 5-day or 7-day session. The important thing is that you do not have off-days in between. If you can only do it 3 days in a row then choose and commit to the 3-day session.

3-Day Submission Session

Day 1

Wife takes off clothing because nakedness is a form of submission. You can allow a robe if you choose, but she needs to be completely naked beneath. She presents husband with a list of her discipline needs.
Have wife sit across from husband while he reads her list aloud. Husband reiterates hers and his expectations with regards to the items on the list and adds any new items they discuss. Husband needs to tell his wife that he is going to punish her for each of the items on the list as if she were in violation of each one. This is so she will be reminded of exactly what each infraction will bring her. Husband then instructs her to stand in the corner or assume a position bent over a chair, bed or countertop and await her punishment. This positioning readies her mind for submission.
Husband issues punishment for each item listed. This spanking must be hard, fast and no-nonsense. Move from one implement to the next and swat rapidly so that she cannot prepare for the next swat. She must understand that when her behavior strays the consequences will be enforced without being clouded by compassion. You love her which is why you are giving her what she needs and has asked of you. Husbands must set the bar here so set it high. This session doesn’t end until she is weeping beneath your hand.
If she fights, kicks or tries to block you, she earns 50 rapid swats with the most painful implement you possess. This is imperative to teaching her how to submit to you.
When you are finished, instruct her to stay bent over and leave her there for several minutes until she stops crying. After this, making love is optional.
Before you leave the room, instruct her that at 10:15am, she is to list the two items she needs the most work, get out the two implements she deserves most and bring them to you.
When she brings you the list of two items and two implements, you discuss and decide how many swats she will receive for each item listed.
It is recommended 75-100 swats per item. Again, this may seem like a lot, but this is a jump-start session that you don’t want your wife to forget. It will shape her going forward.
Wife is to be fully naked and bring you the first implement. It is important that she come to you with the implement as a sign of her readiness to submit. She needs to come and ask you to give her a spanking.
Spank her thoroughly and without stopping. When finished with the first item she is to stand in the corner naked until she feels ready to bring you the second implement and ask you to give her a spanking for the second item on her list.
Spank her thoroughly and without stopping. While you are spanking her you need to verbally reaffirm that you are going to work together toward better behavior in this area and that you will hold her accountable.
Tell your wife to bear her bottom immediately no matter where in the home she is, bend her over whatever object is nearby and give her a hard, old-fashioned hand spanking. Don’t stop until she is shedding real tears and your hand and her bottom are bright red. On average this is 200+ swats.
Instruct you wife to bear her bottom and stand in the corner. If she objects in any way, verbally or nonverbally, then she receives a spanking. If she submits without objection, give her a few moments in the corner and then tell her she can pull up her pants and resume her day. This is a test of how submissive her attitude is. Don’t expect her to submit without objection the first day, but by the third day she will have succeeded in learning submission.

Day 2 and Day 3 are the same schedule, but instead of going over the same list of items you are working on mastering, she will need to provide different list items. For us, Day 2 was used as a past cleansing. Behaviors or actions from the past, some for which my wife had already been punished and cleansed, but she felt she needed to address them again or more specifically and have me hold her accountable. This was a freeing day for her and for me as well. There is a cleansing in confessing our sins to one another and allowing ourselves to be punished for that sin. There is also a freedom in being able to issue the punishment when you have been wronged, to say I am going to punish you and then forgive you. It is a powerful coming together for a man and a woman. I highly recommend the past cleansing for Day 2.

Day 3 is an internal cleansing. Your wife brings to you a list of internal things, things only she knows or feels that she wants you to either know or hold her accountable for. One of these items on my wife’s list was her being internally judgmental of others. We discussed her judgments and she felt better after I had given her a hard paddling for them. These are items only your wife can list and you must be willing to help her come to terms with and overcome them.

At the end of day 3, after having received three hard spankings each day, your wife’s bottom should be adequately sore, but her ability to trust you and submit in just 3 short days will amaze you.

This probably will not happen, but if your wife requires a punishment spanking during one of these three days, issue it as you normally would. Do not wait because her bottom is sore. If you wait she will view it as instability or weakness. If she has earned a spanking, give it to her with immediacy.

See posts labeled 5-Day or 7-Day for longer sessions.


  1. Okay, Number one, I'd just like to point out that when it comes to what people like in bed or are interested in sexually exploring I'm usually open-minded; provided of course that it's conducted in a safe environment with two (or more) enthusiastic, consenting adults. But this... I can't wrap my head around. Maybe my imagination just doesn't reach this far but then again maybe it's not me who's in the wrong here. I have read several of your posts and I am thoroughly disgruntled about your opinions and views. After reading this I was at my breaking point: "If she fights, kicks or tries to block you, she earns 50 rapid swats with the most painful implement you possess. This is imperative to teaching her how to submit to you." Uh, no. If your wife tries to block of fight you it usually means she doesn't want to "submit". I'm all for BDSM but what I read here is not submitting to your Dom, giving him control of your body and soul and trusting him to fulfill your fantasies and desires. This is fueling your husbands ego and enforcing punishment because of the breaking rules that, to me, seem like are both part of an unfair and unhealthy power play and can be described as thinly veiled domestic abuse because of the humiliation that has been described on this site. I respect the constitution of marriage greatly but what you have here is not a marriage. Marriage may have hard times but your supposed to talk through your problems and come to a solution or compromise. Not bend one another to the other's will. That's not a healthy marriage. Even in Dom/Sub relationships the participants came come to some kind of compromise or admit one was in the wrong. What about the husbands flaws, do they go unnoticed and unpunished? Doesn't he have some traits or kinks that need to be wheedled out? The world is a two sided street. Accept it.

    Sincerely and without regret,
    "The Defender"

    1. You are a DUMBASS that's how a dd marriage works idiot....the submissive wants this ..but without training consequences for not taking your punishments without being restrained must be is the submissives desire to be able to take it...but it is difficult...but when achieved ....has wonderful rewards....don't comment on shit you don't know about or participate in you dumb fuck

    2. Last thing retard...I used to move ..jump off my wife's lap and scream..not because I didnt want to submit....I wanted nothing more..I was simply mentally unable to because I was a I can submit and stay still during very intense punishments took time and practice ....its not a power play fktard....its just the submissive needs help to be able to take it...remember a punishment spanking is meant to be agony from start to finish with no mercy...we crave these and the structure that goes with it...even though the punishments themselves are not fun.....get bent you vanilla bitch

  2. You are wayyyyy off defender...I am the submissive in our DD relationship....when I am being punished for severe infractions, if I move...beg..or scream the count begins again...these severe pu ishments work absolute wonders for our marriage ...and while the punishments themselves hurt incredibally bad....staying still and quiet during my agony turns me on to no end later....I want to submit to taking my whippings and spankings ....I cannot describe the feeling when it is far more than you can take...but you do it anyway because you deserve it..creates a feeling of peace and attitude is better and we are far more loving with each other...your ignorance on how this works is please refrain from giving your opinions on subjects you are clearly uneducated in.