Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Submissive Self-Spanking

My husband is teaching me how to self-spank so that I can do it when he is traveling.  It’s hard, but he has set definitive parameters and has made me do it in front of him several times now.  The other day he bent me over his desk and placed the whip in my hands and then instructed me to administer 25 hard lashes to my bottom.  He watched and approved the technique and then put the wooden paddle in my hand for 25 more swats.  Last, it was the cane, 25 more swats.  After 75 swats my arm was tired and my bottom was bright red.  He then determined that if he is to be gone longer than 5 days I will be expected to administer at least one maintenance spanking to myself, record it and send it to him for approval.  He also said my spankings ought to be as hard as his and if he comes home and my bottom is free of spanking signs, he will not be happy.

I don’t mind disciplining myself in front of him, even though it was embarrassing at first.  He is doing it for the betterment of our marriage and our family.  I cannot go too long without discipline, we both know it, so this was the only option.  We could buy a spanking machine, but they’re hard to hide and expensive or we could have one of our friends come over and punish me, but that is too awkward.  It is better this way, for him to teach me and then to discipline me himself when he gets home. 


  1. Interesting post. I have been a life-long self-discipliner. I regularly give real and very hard punishment spankings to myself. I am actively seeking a dominant partner, but never imagined the potential of continuing to self-spank as an extension of a dominant's reach. Well done on your practice self-disciplines. If you're ever interested in how a true self-discipliner approaches self-punishment, feel free to check out my blog:


  2. wow. i could never give myself a spanking like that!