Thursday, August 22, 2013

Waiting is the Worst

Sometimes waiting for my punishment is the hardest part.  I just want to get it over with but he makes me sit and wait, knowing I'll be stewing over it all day.  I feel myself swell with desire and I can't help getting wet.  At the same time my stomach twists into nervous knots.  I don't look forward to the painful spanking, but I do love the release and the warmth that floods me afterwards.

Right now I am waiting for him to call me to the spare bedroom, strip me naked and place me in the corner where I'll have to wait until he thinks I am ready to receive my punishment.  When I have been really bad, he spanks me in the spare bedroom instead of our bedroom.  I know I have a beating coming.  He's already told me it has been long overdue and my attitude needs severe adjusting.  The thing is, he's right and I want him to adjust me.  I'm a better person when I'm submitting to him.

Here he comes now.  I'll post about it afterwards.  Wish me luck.


  1. You have a fine looking behind to inspire your husband's love for you and your discipline!
    Are you the ponytailed brunette in the pictures?
    How do you get such great shots?
    Your writing is good and inspiring... too bad go get so few comments!

  2. It's a great shot, the husband looks ready to go but you can see the tension in her body language......anticipation.
    She knows she has it coming and that all will be well again once it's over with.