Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Here he Comes

I'm sitting here at my desk waiting for my hubby to come in and start my discipline session.   I copped an attitude with him earlier while he was on a phone call and he gave me the look and pointed to the bedroom.  I knew instantly what he meant.  But just to be sure I did, he pressed mute on his call and holllered, "go bare your bottom right now and wait for me," and pointed to our room.

I'm nervous.  He's been edgy all morning and I know he's angry at my attitude.  I don't know why I act that way.  I don't know why I get disrespectful.  Do I want to be punished?  Or some level deep down is it my way of getting his attention?  I don't think it is, but I don't know.  I don't want a punishment spanking because it hurts and I know he's probably going to use his belt and that hurts a lot.

Here he comes.

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  1. Should have read this first. I know I definately get an attitude when I least expect it, and simply don't know how to go about stopping from proceeding. Well if it was attention you were wanting, looks like you got it, just not the kind you probably would have preferred. To be punished like this sounds like there are issues to be resolved. Hope all is forgiven and you both can move ahead. You more slowly because welll you know why!!!