Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My hubbie just read my blog and wanted me to add something that I totally forgot about.  This has been a HUGE HUGE influence in helping me get to tears during a spanking and feel genuinely remorseful and embrace submission.

As I mentioned, he always begins with an OTK hand spanking to warm my bottom up, but even before that, when he first brings me toward him, he talks to me, eye-to-eye, face to face about my behavior.  This makes me focus on the fact that I am about to be punished because of MY own actions.  It helps me realize that I control my behavior and he is merely holding me accountable.  Sometimes, while he talks to me, he'll rub his hand over my bottom and other times he'll cup my pussy, not so much to arouse me but as an expression of his authority.  A reminder that I'm his, that he'd rather provide pleasure but when discipline is warranted he will provide pain.  The powerful thing about this is that I have to look him in the eyes and admit what I have done wrong.  "You spent two hundred and fifty two dollars over your credit card limit, didn't you?"  I nod, because I did.  "And you knew you were over the limit when you spent it, didn't you?"  I nod again. Guilty.  "What do you deserve for this?"  This is the part that's really hard for me, saying that I deserve to be given a hard spanking and sent to the corner.  "I deserve to be punished."

"And what should that punishment be?"  He sometimes asks me.

"A spanking."

Just having me say the words is humiliating.  Looking my husband in the eyes and admitting that I need him to take me over his knee for a whipping is embarrassing and that's part of the process of submission.

So, men, enforce it because it will have a long-term positive effect on your wife.

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