Monday, April 1, 2013

A New System of Spankings

My husband and I have been re-experimenting with ways to improve my behavior.  I'm fesity and I have trouble submitting to his authority.  I also have a smart mouth on me, which often gets me into trouble.  We've been thinking about doing a three day boot camp again, which I'm not looking forward to because I know I won't be able to sit down for a week afterwards, but it does our relationship so much good. 

Here are the things we're working on now:

Every week on Friday morning I get a "preventative" spanking.  This is a hard OTK spanking and it's mainly to release the stress and frustration that has built up over the week so that we can have a peaceful weekend together.

Every Monday morning before he leaves town, I'm given a "maintenance" spanking.  This usually involves tools and I am whipped pretty hard.  Our last session was over 15 minutes and he didn't stop until I was crying. 

So, regardless of my behavior, I receive two spankings a week, which I was against at first, but since we started doing it, I have noticed I've received less and less punishment spankings.  Which is good because my punishment spankings are the worst and they involve corner time.  My last punishment spanking took over 30 minutes and he used five instruments. My butt was sore for days, but I deserved it.  I was disrespectful to him and I used language like a sailor. 

So, back to our routine.  Every Monday I get a "maintenance" spanking and every Friday I get a "preventative" spanking.  In between, I receive punishment spankings if necessary and/or "infraction" spankings.  If we aren't alone and I've misbehaved, he will issue a 10-20 swat "infraction" spanking, letting me know that as soon as we are alone, my bottom is going to get blistered.  If I get 3 infraction spankings with no time for a punishment spanking, there are serious consequences to follow.  First, I have to stand in the corner with my panties down around my ankles and wait for him.  Then, when he comes in, he puts me over his knee and lectures me about my behavior while my bare bum is exposed.  Next, I have to confess to him what I have done wrong, which is usually a lot.  He says its important that I confess it so that I understand why I am being punished.  Then, I must ask him to punish me.  Sometimes he makes me be very specific in asking and I know he wants to humiliate me a little more so I learn my lesson.  I have to ask him specifically for a certain tool and for a certain number of swats.  I really know I'm being punished when he stops half way through and sends me back to the corner, instructing me to masturbate to relieve the sexual build up I'm feeling.  Then, after I orgasm, he takes me back over his knee and renders the rest of the punishment until I am weeping in his arms.  After I stop crying, he asks me if I've learned my lesson and judging from my emotion, he determines if I need to be whipped further, which is usually a yes.  By the end, I can't wait to get his lovely, erect penis into my mouth and glorify him.  After he climaxes, I am sent back to the corner to think about my behavior and the consequences of it.  When I have come to terms with everything, I am to come to him and apologize and thank him for giving me a clean slate.  If I don't feel it is clean and I am still holding a grudge or have a bad attitude, he gives me 50-100 more swats, usually with his belt.

It may sound hard and harsh, but our marriage is so wonderful when I submit that it is worth every stroke on my backside.

We are also working on self-spankings for when I over-eat or curse and he is out of town.  Right now, I text my confession to him and then he texts back how many swats and what instruments I am to use.  Then, I have to record my spanking and send the video to him for approval.  If he says it is adequate, I am free to pull up my pants and go about my day.  If not, he assigns more swats and I have to record another video.  It's been working really well.  I've lost 13 pounds toward my goal weight and have had to give myself 5 very hard, very long spankings. 


  1. My girlfriend likes sound spankings. She opened up to me after dating her for about 5 mouths. She told me she liked wanted real sparking. She likes to be taken back to when she was a kid. We began talking, after looking somethings up online I asked her about warm ups and safe words. She said “I never had a warm ups when I younger and I never had a word or phrase to stop it, it continued until I was sobbing out of control.” She wanted nothing less than an adult equivalent to real childhood spanking. At first I was sure about it and I wasn’t in to it. Than she lied to me, I think on purpose. I was going to let it go but she didn’t want to and told me she felt bad about it and suggested I give her a real spanking with whoever I wanted. She wouldn’t let it go so I tied to talk her out of it, to no avail. I than tried scare her out of it. I told her that “if I do this, than, I was going to do this it all the way and for real. There wouldn’t be any warm up meaning it would start off right away on the bare, with a implement, and as hard and fast, with a shock and awe experience, as I could and it wouldn’t be short spanking either. There would be no number games, so there would be any specified number of swats and no safe word to stop, I decide when it stop, not you, and that it won’t stop until you are crying hysterically out of control sobbing.” Her response was, “Isn’t that what a real adult equivalent childhood spanking is? That exactly what I want and need, just don’t be afraid and back out.” When we got home I grabbed a bamboo backscratcher and used the flat part of the handle. Half way across the room she took everything down to her knees to be completely bare. She slowly hobbled across the room and put her over my lap. She stayed in position and took it just like I told it would be. I never spanked anyone. I started right off paddling her as hard and fast as possible. I sure got turned on when she clenched up tight and I saw her muscular definition in her butt cheeks as her bottom quickly turned from white red and welted. This was the first I saw her bare too. I paddle the dickens out of her and didn’t stop until she was bawling hiccup type crying out of control into a pillow she was butting and pushing her face into while I literally whaled her ass . When I stopped, she stiffened straight up, pushed her hips forward, flew her hands her ass rubbing frantically as she was hoping up and down. She did this post spanking dance performance for a good 30 seconds or so while everything slid down to her ankles, which oddly turned me on too. I just held her forever until she calmed down. Than she kissed me and thanked me afterwards. Do I have a strange girl? Is something wrong with her that she likes real spankings that much? Is anything wrong with me for somewhat enjoying her do that post spanking dance? Am I the only one? Do other adults to that post spanking dance too?

  2. I get so turned on giving my girlfriend all kinds of spankings, from erotic to just because spanking and even real ones that make her loss her composure, cry and sob. I see it as a gift of submission she gives me. She always has a safe word unless it's a real one she like to get sometimes.

    Fortunately, I have a girlfriend who likes it also. She actually turned me on to it and brought out the spanko in me. Is it wrong to admit that I enjoy it? I get so turned on as I watch take her pants down knowing that she has given me full permission to spank her or sometime give her a real one. I have conflicting emotions inside. I don't like woman who are abused but I like spanking my girlfriend now.

    Its like is a psychological afrodeysic to me. I love the control aspect, its like asking me to discipline her is the ultimate sign of respect and I feel honored she choose me to have that authority.

    The actual spanking is exciting to me also. I mean when I turn her over my knee and it completely consensual I feel so stimulated by the whole experience. Seeing her beautiful bare bottom in front of me knowing she is expecting me to spank her and sometimes until she is crying hysterically is huge rush.

    For real ones she always like to to be spanked until she cries really hard. But she has a extremely high pain tolerance so I have to wail on her ass really and fast for a long time to push her over the edge to loose her composer. Sometime with no warm up, she likes the "shock and awe" effects from the start for rhe real spankings. For real one she relinquishes her safe word. She says a real spanking isn't worth taking unless it's unbearable and doesn't make her cry, so she expects me to make her cry hard. She likes the cathartic release about once a month.

    Is it wrong to feel good about having that authority and power she gave me. I also really get turned on when I start to spank her usually start out with my hand to start with. I am so stimulated when I see her clench up tight and I see all the muscular definition of her butt cheecks.

    It is electifying for me to hear her react and I feel compelled to smack harder and faster. To see her feet fluttering and her ass cheecks are turning red to bright red, its like I go into a trance in my mind. The longer the spanking goes on the more I get turned on and I am not sure if I should feel guilty of that or not?

    I have never seen her do the post spanking hop I heard some described but I might bring that up to my Jill. I usually use my belt over my knee for discipline and I feel the powerful sense of authority as I began removing it and I feel extremely respected by Jill as she begins dropping her pants when I order her too.

    Is something wrong with me, that after experienced spanking someone that I discovered that I really like it myself? Am I the only guy who feels these things. Or is my girlfriend just weird that she loves the pain of a good sound butt blistering once a month.

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