Thursday, April 4, 2013

Changing My Mindset

This morning I got a spanking that even I must admit was well-deserved.  I've been impatient with my husband and have copped an attitude.  It's hard though when he travels and I am left to handle the home, the kids and everything day-to-day on my own.  I get overwhelmed and lonely and I sometimes start to resent him.  I know he makes all of the money so sometimes I feel trapped in my world.  Even though I love my life and I'm blessed in so many ways that I can't even explain, all of them undeserved, I still sometimes feel like I'm suffocating.  It's hard to break out of this mindset and I start to even hate being around myself when I get like this.

This morning I was in that mindset and my husband had had enough.  He called me into his den where he works when he is working from home.  There's a small cushioned chair in the corner and he had turned it around so that the back was facing the middle of the room.  He told me to pull down my pants and bend over the back of the chair.  I started to complain and he swatted my bottom and told me my unwillingness to submit just earned me 25 extra swats.  Reluctantly, I pulled down my jeans and panties and bent over the chair.

He rubbed my bottom while he lectured me on my attitude and I felt like crying already, knowing what was coming.  He told me that my attitude was hurting our marriage and our family, and I knew he was right.  "What should we do about this?"  He asked.  "Are you able to stop this attitude on your own?"  He asked.  I didn't answer him at first and he swatted me twice with his hand.  "Are you able to stop this attitude on your own?"

"No," I whimpered.

"Then, what must we do about it?" He asked again.

"You should punish me for it," I said.

He rubbed my bottom again.  "I don't like to punish you," he said.  "But, our relationship and our family peace is more important than my dislike of having to discipline you.  Do you understand that?"  He asked.

"Yes," I said.

Then he explained that he was going to give me a long and hard spanking so that I would remember that my attitude effects everyone in the household and that I need to keep it all together. 

He started with his hand and spanked me until my cheeks were very red and hot.  Then he whipped me with the strap until I began to cry.  Then he pulled me over his lap on the sofa and spanked me hard and fast with the wooden paddle.  The faster he spanks me the more it hurts and I cried hard.  Last, he had me lay down on the floor with my bottom pushed up into the air and he caned me 20 swats.  This left tiny bruises on my bottom, but my soul felt light and free and my attitude and outlook on life has greatly improved.

Instead of corner time, we both orgasmed and then he held me for a few moments.  When that was over, he rolled me over in bed and gave me a reminder spanking with his hand.  50 more rapid fire lashes. 

I'm smiling now and so is he.  I'm so grateful that he knows when to take the reigns and bring me to a better place.


  1. I am just beginning in a DD relationship (The DD part, not the relationship, that's been going on four years) but I just CANNOT cry! I have read it recommended anywhere between 20 to two HUNDRED spankings whatever is necessary to bring sobbing but I took 82 and 3 welts and some bruising and still couldn't cry or release, even though I did indeed feel bad about my behavior and did NOT enjoy being spanked like that at all! is there something wrong with me? I wish we had the experience you do!

  2. Here's another way this could have gone: "Honey, I'm feeling overwhelmed and trapped because you're out in the world doing things and my day to day is all about the kids. When you're done with work you're done but my job never stops." "I can understand that. Sometimes I feel jealous you get to spend time with the kids." *commence brainstorming about family activities, reallocation of responsibilities, vacation, spa day, girls night out, or mere commiseration and better understanding* But no, beating the feelings out of you is much better.

    1. Well spoken. This woman needs to listen to some songs, mainly "Rape Me" by Nirvana, and "Better Man" by Pearl Jam.

  3. Instead of dd, I recommend a therapist. Much better. I don't not approve of a relationship when one has all the power. What, the ither gets off Scott free? Yes, you may retort with 'why are you on this website then?' The answer is yes, I have a spanking fetish, it turns me on, but I truly believe 2 things. One, no one should ever hold power over you, you should be able to act without fear of reprimand. Two, I believe the hitting of any knid is plain wrong, if not for sexual desire but to truly hurt. Yes, I agree with spanking in bed, but not enough to hurt. There are other ways to deal with your emotions. I find this is the easy way out, the short cut.

  4. My girlfriend likes sound spankings. She opened up to me after dating her for about 5 mouths. She told me she liked wanted real sparking. She likes to be taken back to when she was a kid. We began talking, after looking somethings up online I asked her about warm ups and safe words. She said “I never had a warm ups when I younger and I never had a word or phrase to stop it, it continued until I was sobbing out of control.” She wanted nothing less than an adult equivalent to real childhood spanking. At first I was sure about it and I wasn’t in to it. Than she lied to me, I think on purpose. I was going to let it go but she didn’t want to and told me she felt bad about it and suggested I give her a real spanking with whoever I wanted. She wouldn’t let it go so I tied to talk her out of it, to no avail. I than tried scare her out of it. I told her that “if I do this, than, I was going to do this it all the way and for real. There wouldn’t be any warm up meaning it would start off right away on the bare, with a implement, and as hard and fast, with a shock and awe experience, as I could and it wouldn’t be short spanking either. There would be no number games, so there would be any specified number of swats and no safe word to stop, I decide when it stop, not you, and that it won’t stop until you are crying hysterically out of control sobbing.” Her response was, “Isn’t that what a real adult equivalent childhood spanking is? That exactly what I want and need, just don’t be afraid and back out.” When we got home I grabbed a bamboo backscratcher and used the flat part of the handle. Half way across the room she took everything down to her knees to be completely bare. She slowly hobbled across the room and put her over my lap. She stayed in position and took it just like I told it would be. I never spanked anyone. I started right off paddling her as hard and fast as possible. I sure got turned on when she clenched up tight and I saw her muscular definition in her butt cheeks as her bottom quickly turned from white red and welted. This was the first I saw her bare too. I paddle the dickens out of her and didn’t stop until she was bawling hiccup type crying out of control into a pillow she was butting and pushing her face into while I literally whaled her ass . When I stopped, she stiffened straight up, pushed her hips forward, flew her hands her ass rubbing frantically as she was hoping up and down. She did this post spanking dance performance for a good 30 seconds or so while everything slid down to her ankles, which oddly turned me on too. I just held her forever until she calmed down. Than she kissed me and thanked me afterwards. Do I have a strange girl? Is something wrong with her that she likes real spankings that much? Is anything wrong with me for somewhat enjoying her do that post spanking dance? Am I the only one? Do other adults to that post spanking dance too?

  5. I didn't exactly catch what the 'spanking dance' is (I'm italian), but you're not alone, I loved yr story very much, you did well and must go on!