Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Man Up Men

My husband wanted to write a few words today, so here it goes:

Choosing to live in a DD marriage isn't easy on men or on women.  It takes trust on both parts and open communication.  I don't usually enjoy knowing that I need to take Heather over my knee and discipline her, but I do it because I love her and I understand the benefits it brings to her and to us.

As a husband, knowing you must punish your wife by inflicting pain on her bottom is not easy.  There are times when I want to back out of it and let her off the hook but by doing so, my weakness hurts her in the long run.  And that can cause more damage than the initial poor behavior caused.

Women are lovely creatures, but men learned a long time ago that it is their job as head of the household to keep the woman in her place.  Now, I don't mean barefoot and pregnant with no dreams or hopes or successes.  Women are intelligent and in many ways superior to our own manliness.  We compliment one another well and part of that compliment is submission and dominance.

As head of the home, your job as her husband is to help her achieve her goals, to help her become what she wants to become.  This committment involves teaching her that there are consequences for all actions.  Her body is yours and thusly, you need to care for it and take care of it as if it were your own.  Men, we love to rub and stroke our woman's pussy but we must also realize that her bottom is our responsiblity too, and it must be stroked with a belt or a cane when necessary.  We cannot be weak and take the good and ignore the bad.  As a couple, we are a package deal which means we, gents, have to man up.

Heather has already explained that she gets a minimum of two spankings a week.  Since we established this, her behavior has had great improvement.  Read her notes and institute these spankings into your marriage.  In addition, I've been helping Heather learn to become submissive by giving her orders throughout the day, even when I am out of town.  I make her issue a self-spanking for no reason, film it and send it to me or do it via Skype where I can tell her how many swats and if she is being hard enough.  For her to bare her bottom and spank it when I say, is a huge act of submission.  I've also asked her to make herself orgasm while we are on the phone with one another.  Again, an act of submission.  If she refuses, she gets a spanking.  I don't know about your wife, but mine will take the orgasm over the spanking any day.

Get creative, men.  Help her succeed at submission and you will see your relationship come more alive than you ever thought possible.  Teaching her submission is not you being bossy or a bully, it's you manning up to your responsibility as her husband and teaching her how to make your marriage a better place.

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  1. I've been spanked on my bare bottom often by my partner's son over his knee every time I upset her it's another bare bottom spanking I don't mind to much and it makes my penis stand up