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Super Quiet Spanking Implements

I copied this information from another blog on spanking that I absolutely love.  Here is the link to that site where you can read this article and tons of other posts that will help you on your journey toward submission and dominance and learning the DD lifestyle.  I can't say enough about how great their website is, so go visit it now.

Spanking with implements such as a wooden paddle, or a belt, or a hairbrush, or even a hand can get awfully loud, particularly if the spanking is conducted bare bottomed. The last thing most domestic discipline couples want is for their children to hear the spanking, or anyone else to hear the spanking for that matter. In most spanking situations, the quieter it can be done, the better it is for everyone.

Given the frequency we get asked about quiet spanking implements, we felt it was best to simply dedicate an entire post to them. Quiet spanking implements are wonderful for those conducting spankings within earshot of others, but often times quiet spanking implements translate to a more intense sting for the one getting spanked. As a general rule, the less surface area of the buttocks the implement impacts, the quieter the spanking will be. Unfortunately for the one being spanked, this also means the impact of the strike is concentrated on a smaller surface area of the buttocks, resulting in a more powerful and intense initial stinging sensation. Just something to keep in mind when spanking with the following implements.

Quiet Spanking Implement #1: A Spatula With Holes

Solid spatulas are a bit on the loud side, however a spatula with holes is relatively quiet and ideal for any type of “brief” spanking. A spatula with holes is not recommended for an entire punishment spanking, however it’s effective for warm up spankings, reminder spankings, and maintenance spankings.
Quiet Spanking Implement #2: A Wooden Spoon

A wooden spoon is still rather loud on a bare bottomed spanking, however over some light clothing it’s fairly quiet. Like the spatula with holes, a wooden spoon is better suited for warm up spankings, reminder spankings, and maintenance spankings rather than a standard punishment spanking.
Quiet Spanking Implement #3: A Switch

For those that may be unfamiliar with what exactly a switch is, it’s simply a small tree branch/stick that has been prepared to spank with (leaves/bark removed, sanded down and smoothed out, etc.). A round switch with a small diameter covers a rather small surface area of the buttocks, making it very quiet upon impact. A switch does pack quite a sting and can easily cause welts, so it’s best to use caution when spanking with this implement.
Quiet Spanking Implement #4: A Tilt Wand

A tilt wand is used to open and close blinds. Like the switch, a tilt wand impacts a very small surface area of the buttocks which makes each strike rather quiet. If used incorrectly/excessively, a tilt wand can cause welts, so once again it’s best to use caution when spanking with this implement. The tilt wand offers a quick intense sting, however it generally isn’t very long lasting since tilt wands are not very dense (generally).
Quiet Spanking Implement #5: A Loopy Johnny

Like the switch and the tilt wand, the loopy johnny is a quiet spanking implement given it’s small surface area of impact. A loopy johnny is considered to be on the more serious end of the spectrum when it comes to spanking implements. It’s recommended it only be used by experienced couples for the most serious of offenses, and only in instances where the spanking absolutely must be quiet.
Quiet Spanking Implement #6: A Cane

While extremely quiet, the cane also offers the most intense stinging sensation of all the implements outlined in this post. The small impact area of the cane combined with its relative density make it a very very powerful spanking implement. It’s recommended a cane be used by experienced domestic discipline couples who are very familiar and comfortable with spanking in general. It’s also recommended to only be used for extremely serious offenses. Please use extreme caution if you and your partner choose to spank with the cane.

As you can see, all of these spanking implements (with the spatula being the only exception) have something in common – a very small area of impact. If you and your partner are considering spanking with something other than the implements listed, just remember this general rule – the smaller the area of impact, the quieter the spanking implement will be.

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