Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Very Merry Shade of Red

The holidays are a hard time of year for me because I get so overloaded with stuff to do and getting ready for Christmas just gets tiring.  Because of this I get cranky and last night my husband had had enough of my crankiness.  He waiting until our kids were in bed and then he said to me, "Go upstairs, pull down your pants and stand in the corner and wait for me."

I said, "Why?!!!"

He said, "Because you need an attitude adjustment and I'm sick of being treated disrespectfully."

I was pissed off.  I stormed upstairs and stood in the corner but I didn't pull down my pants.  I was going to show him!

When he came up and saw that I hadn't done as he asked, he went to the closet and got a plastic hangar.  The plastic hangar stings like hell and is pretty silent.  He then pulled a chair into the center of the room and sat down, instructing me to come over to him.  I did and while he told me that he was going to not only punish me for my bad attitude and crankiness, but also for my disobedience, he unhooked my jeans and pulled them down.  He then pulled down my panties and ran his index finger quickly over my pussy.  "I was going to pleasure you tonight, but it seems you're more in need of a hard spanking."

"NO!" I said, "I would much rather you pleasured me."

"Maybe you should think about that next time you decide to disobey."  With that, he pulled me over the top of his knees and spanked me with the hangar.  I tried to block him a couple of times which resulted in more swats.  I don't know how many swats he gave me, but it was long and hard enough that my butt was on fire when he sent me back to the corner and went to fetch the Loopy Johnny.  That's the whip he uses for my language and for my attitude when we have to be quiet.  This time he had me bend over the bed and he stood behind me and gave me a long beating with the Loopy Johnny.  He told me he wasn't going to stop until I cried and was truly remorseful and he sure didn't.  When I finally sobbed into the pillow and said I was sorry, then he put me back in the corner to think about it.  My butt was burning and felt red hot to the touch. Even today when I sit down I can still feel a stinging sensation on my cheeks.

He informed me last night laying in bed that it was time for us to do another jump start program, which means I'm going to get a spanking every day for a while.  He says my attitude needs to be checked and kept in line and there is evidence to prove that a spanking a day keeps the crankiness away.  He's right, though I don't like it.  It looks like my butt is going to be a very merry shade of red for the holidays.

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