Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spank the Stress Away

I can get pretty cranky and sometimes I just get upset and mad and I stay that way.  It makes me hate myself really.  I’ve been in a mood lately and my hubby got tired of it.  But before he could even punish me for my sour outlook I burst into tears.  I didn’t do it on purpose, even though I know that makes it harder on him to punish me.  We talked and decided that I need help controlling my emotions, especially when I’m frustrated and angry.  Anytime I’m mad I fight being spanked even to the point of kicking him, which results in a longer, harder beating ultimately.  I don’t know why I do it, but sometimes the anger gets the best of me.  We decided that controlling my emotions was going to be top of my list for a while and he is going to help me by putting in place some small steps of stress release and submission.


You guys all know that submission and stress go hand in hand.  It’s almost impossible for an upset, agitated and stressed out woman to easily submit her bottom for a paddling.  We’re not wired this way, but there are things that help us submit easier and with less of a fight.  These things have to be done consistently or it’s a waste of time and effort.


Here’s what has worked wonders for us.  I’m happier and more peaceful and I sleep better and feel less stress in my life.  I know it will work for you if you take the time and make it a priority in your marriage.


Step 1:  Every morning, either before work or after taking the kids to school, before your day gets started, the wife strips completely naked and lies on the bed with her bottom exposed.  This is similar to corner time, only she is lying down, exposed and awaiting a whipping.  This gives her time to think about her mindset, her emotions, her attitude and her behavior.  She should lay in this position a minimum of 3-5 minutes, enough to let the upcoming discipline sink in and let her insides get tingly with anticipation.


Step 2:  The husband needs to stand where the wife can see him.  He should be holding his belt and address her, explaining to her that he is going to give her a belt spanking (one of the most painful) to relieve the stress that builds up inside of her and causes her to misbehave, feel embittered and angry.  This spanking will be to tears which means he will not let up until his wife is sobbing and sorrowful.  The stress is not released until the woman breaks down emotionally.  My husband had trouble with this the first few times because I was stubborn and it took me a while to cry, now I cry easily.  A belt spanking should cause her to cry somewhere between 25 and 200 lashes depending on how stubborn she is.


Step 3:  Send her to the corner immediately without any sex play.  Her pussy will be hot and wet from the anticipation of sex and from the sensation of your authority, but it’s important that you don’t have sex yet.  She needs time to think about the spanking and to process in her mind why she was whipped and allow it to shape her attitude moving forward.   This is a very important step.  Anytime my husband didn’t send me to the corner after a beating, the message didn’t sink in.  A woman needs time to be introspective and apply the discipline to her behavior.


Step 4:  Engage in sex play if you both want but with the understanding that her beating is only half way done and that after she orgasms you’re going to finish the whipping.  This is important for her to hear and to know that this is not a game to the husband.  She needs to understand that she is not being spanked as a form of foreplay but as a strict discipline related to her attitude and behavior.  Nothing proves that more than a whipping right after you have both peaked.  Before you have sex, tell her she will be getting another spanking immediately following.  She might not believe you but you’ll prove it to her.


Step 5:  As soon as the sex is done, have her place the palms of her hands on top of the bed or desk or dresser and protrude her bottom outward.  Give her at least 25 more lashings with the belt and talk through each lashing.  Example:  “This is for being cranky at home.”  Lash 1.  “This is for using foul language out of anger.”  Lash 2.   “This is for a negative attitude.”  Lash 3.  She needs your verbal proclamation of her misbehavior in order to make a solid connection in her mind that this is what happens when she behaves this way. 


Before bedtime it is very important that you follow this procedure again only you can substitute the belt for a quieter tool if you have others in the home who might overhear.  If you want to see changes in the wife’s behavior she must be paddled first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Do this for two weeks and then you will be able to taper it down to once or twice a week.


I promise it works. I’ve been feeling light and free and our home has been peaceful and our marriage has been incredibly wonderful.  Spank that stress away, it’s good for your heart too!

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  1. Ahh, the lovely wonders of Stockholm Syndrome.