Wednesday, January 8, 2014

About to be Disciplined

I'm sitting at my computer right now with my jeans and panties around my ankles.  It's part of my punishment.  My husband has instructed me to sit with my bum bare and blog about why I am about to be disciplined.  I'm sort of nervous because I know this is going to be a long and really hard spanking.  I also know I deserve what I'm going to get and probably even more.

Here's what happened.  I got a call from an old beau of mine over the holiday and he was in town and wanted to have coffee.  I don't have any feelings for the man at all, other than just that we went to high school together and sometimes it's fun to relive the memories and waltz down memory lane.  I didn't tell my husband about the call and I lied to him about going shopping when I really went and met my old beau. Now, nothing happened between us, just coffee.  I'm not having an affair, nor do I want to have an affair. And I only saw him just this once.  Anyway, my old beau text me this morning to thank me for meeting him and talking and said he'll be in town next month and can we meet again.  My husband saw the text and now I'm in trouble for lying to him.  I know, I know, I deserve what's coming.

So, here I sit fulfilling the first part of the punishment:  confessing it online to my six hundred regular blog readers.  Then I will get spanked.  And the third part of my punishment is that I will have to come back on line when it is over and tell all of you about my spanking.

My husband just walked in and told me it's time to wrap up this blog and go stand in the corner.  Wish me luck.


  1. Well hate to say this cause you already know, what happened is not right, and the fact you lied only made it worse.So... your HOH is stepping up and will make it perfectly clear the mistake you made and I expect you will clearly understand to not go down that road again. I am sure it will be a lesson learned the hard way. Sorry my friend... he is right.