Thursday, January 9, 2014


I'm so excited!  My hubby just walked in the room and handed me my kindle and on it is the new Susan Sanchez book!!!!!!!!  He downloaded it for me! I can't wait to read it!  It's called EXPOSURE!

You guys might remember I interviewed the author a while back and she told me that her short stories are really just sort of like teasers leading up to her full-length novel about Elise Dugar.  I can't wait until that comes out! We need more fiction stories on domestic discipline that accurately depict it.  That's what I love about these books.  They have some sex, which is true to life experience, but they also totally tap into the emotional and psychological benefits of spanking.

Here's a pic of the new book:

Here is the information on Amazon:

If you haven't read the Susan Sanchez books, you're missing out!  They're easy reads and I would say even gripping, like I think about them long after I've put my kindle down for the day.  It's a series so you should start with the first one, though I think you could probably pick up any of them out of sequence and still get a feel for the characters; but if you want my advice, start with book one.

Okay, gotta fly, I'm off to read EXPOSURE!!  

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