Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Addition of Self-Spanking

I forgot to add one to my list.  If the head of the house travels a lot, you might want to teach your bride to self-administer.  This will take an hour or so, but you get her into a position that is conducive for a self-spanking, particularly with a whip or a belt.  You give her a spanking and then she administers some swats and together you compare the two.  Teach her how to administer the same as you and then, when you are gone, you can instruct her to give herself a punishment spanking to tide her over until you return home.  Self-spankings are not designed to replace the husband's discipline, but merely to remind the wife that though you are away, you are still actively involved and watching.

I have my wife tape the self-spanking session and sent it to me.  Then, I let her know if it has been long and hard enough or if I believe she needs more.  It has worked well for us, though I know it embarrasses her.  Not wanting to feel that embarrassment and humiliation has gone a long way in deterring her from rushing into negative behavior.

Fellas, it is an awkward conversation to strike up, but it will go a long way in improving how your wife feels about your being gone, and her outlook on your relationship and how much you love her.

Purchase a whip, get her a phone that will video and teach her to become an extension of your discipline.  The alternatives are having a trusted friend come into your home and punish her or purchasing a very expensive spanking machine.  The self-spanking, taught by you, controlled by you becomes a bonding experience between you and your wife.  I highly recommend it.

Good luck!

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