Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Better Me

Dominance and Submission dates back a long, long time, and so does punishment spankings.  There's a balance in the male/female psyche when the male is dominant and the female is submissive.  I know some people participate the other way around and that seems to work for them, which is good.  But, for me and my husband, we feel a carnal, instinctive urge toward the balance we find in his dominance and my submission. 

Men are by nature more logical than women.  Women are more emotional than men.  It's a good balance.  However, sometimes are emotions can run wild and affect our ability to make rational decisions.  Having a man there to help control the emotions is beneficial.  Maintenance spankings help a lot.  I am living proof that when my husband spanks me several times a week, I function better.  I am more tolerant of others, I am less stressed and tend to not feel overwhelmed by everything that's going on in our lives.  I've come to realize that when he maintains a strict schedule of maintenance or reminder spankings, I'm a better me.  I like that.  It's a simple solution to what would otherwise become a terrible situation.  We avoid big fights this way because, let's face it, when the woman in the house is at peace, so is the man.  It usually isn't the man of the house creating the emotional turmoil.  So, for me to go over his knee for a reminder spanking is little price to pay for harmony in our lives.  I can't stress enough how important maintenance spankings are.

This is the schedule we are on.  Keep in mind that my hubby travels some and works some from home.  When he's home I get spanked almost every day.  When he's gone he will either instruct me to give myself a spanking, which I've described in detail in past blogs, or he'll have me write down my infractions daily and he addresses them the moment he gets home.  It's hard for me when he's gone because I need to be disciplined and held accountable regularly.  Like I said, it makes me a better me.  I like myself more when I am being held accountable.  I like all of life more in fact.

Our schedule when he's home:

Monday - Friday Morning:  After I take our kids to school I come home and go straight to our bedroom and unclothe.  I lay over the bed naked with my bottom exposed.  He comes in, talks with me about the things we are working on and the improvements we want to see and then gives me a hard and long hand spanking.  After that, I bend over and touch my toes and he gives me twenty smacks with the leather strap.  This is to remind me of all we have talked about.  Then, it's corner time for three minutes to think about the spanking I just received.

Monday-Friday Afternoon:  Before the kids come home from school, my hubby and I will sit down and assess how the day has gone so far.  If he feels or if I feel I need more reminding, he'll spank me again.  If not, then he doesn't.

Monday-Friday Bedtime:  Before bed he gives me a spanking with the loopy johnny whip because it's quiet.  Usually this is a short spanking, but boy does that whip sting.

If I have earned a punishment spanking throughout the day, he either gives it to me right away or waits until the next morning and adds it to my maintenance spanking.

On weekends, whenever we find time alone, he will usually give me a quick reminder spanking, but most of the time weekends only involve discipline spankings when I have done something to be punished, which can be often at times, depending on my attitude.

There are days when I get a spanking up to four times and my bum really hurts.  I don't like those days so I try really hard to avoid them. But going over his knee once or twice a day keeps me in line and makes me feel carefree and even joyful afterwards.  It melts away my stress.  I hear a lot of people say that they don't experience the same afterglow and I think that's because they are probably not being spanked to tears and not being properly spoken to during the spanking.  It's important for the man to verbally chastise while punishing so that the woman can make a clear connection between her action or behavior and the punishment.  Here's an example:

This happened a while ago, when long distance fees still existed and they were incredibly high.  Anyway, I have a friend in London and she and I talked over two hours.  I had called her.  I don't want to tell you the amount of money that call cost because to this day my butt stings when I think of it.  I got a hard spanking, in fact, I got many hard spankings; but it was how my hubby handled it that drove the point home. 

As he put me over his knee, he said:  "You knew the time limits for long distance calls and you intentionally disregarded the rules.  This has cost us a lot of money.  It was selfish of you to waste that money.  You were disobedient and frivolous and showed a clear disrespect for the rules we laid out together.  For all of that, I'm going to discipline you."

I was already in tears before he even started to spank me.  But the key was that WHILE HE SPANKED ME, he chastised me.  While smacking my bottom he would say, "I will not tolerate your disobedience."  So with every smack I knew I was being punished for disobedience.  It might sound silly, but it's important and it works.  I've never exceeded my long distance (and now my cell phone limit) ever again!

The long and the short of it is, spanking serves a purpose for the man and the woman.  Balance. Harmony.  Love.  An afterglow that is unexplainable.  I am grateful to have a man that loves me enough to help me become a better me. 

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