Monday, November 18, 2013

Heating Things Up

I just finished reading the fourth book in the Elise Dugar Episodes and they are just so good.  One of the reasons I like them is because they're short so when I get deep into the story it doesn't take up my whole day and get me into trouble for not getting done what I need to.  Second, I really like the perspective on submission and dominance.  Some books I've read in the past have had great stories but then the real-life sub/dom element is skewed or so far over the top that it loses it's realism for me.  I get frustrated when that happens.   Third, I like sex scenes but not ones that are SO graphic that it sort of gets distasteful.  The Elise Dugar Episode books are subtle and for me, it's the subtly that gets me turned on.  And it's not just a chick thing either.  My hubby likes them and that's saying a lot because he doesn't read much more than the newspaper.

Anyway, here's the latest book and the link to it if you want to pick it up.  It's cheap, cheap, cheap and totally worth the read.  I recommend reading it with your hubby but make sure you're alone because things are bound to heat up; maybe even your bottom!  :)
And for your viewing pleasure, here are some new pictures:










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