Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Submissive Susan

I am excited to share part of my conversation with Susan Sanchez, author of the Elise Dugar Episodes, a short story series on submission and domestic discipline.  She was very entertaining and I can’t wait to read her next books.  She zeros down on the true sensuality of submission and dominance in a way that I think a lot of writers miss; but that’s because she has a better understanding of it than most.  Susan Sanchez isn’t just an erotica writer, she’s a believer in the baring the bottom for the sake of love. 


What made you decide to write about submission and dominance?


I have seen personally and through others the benefits of this type of relational equilibrium, so I thought I would put it into words through short stories.



     Are you going to write more than the Elise Dugar Episodes?


Yes.  I’m actually writing a full-length novel about this type of balance.



     Would you consider your work to be similar to Fifty Shades of Grey?


No.  I enjoyed reading that series but the kink got a little old for me after a while.  I found myself skimming through those parts to get back to the story.  For me the hottest scenes in that series were the ones where she was spanked, plain and simple, without all of the tying up.  My books don’t include bondage.  They are simply about the freedom that comes with submission and the harmony derived from a submissive/dominant relationship.


                I love your books.  I, too, have felt that a lot of the books out there don’t realistically depict the domestic discipline side of things.  What do you think?


They don’t or at least most of the ones I’ve encountered.  There are some good non-fiction books on the subject but I haven’t seen really good fiction books.  They usually focus on the sexual activity and I understand why, because sex sells; but I don’t think the sex should be overly done as it is in so many of these types of books.  Submission and Dominance, when in effortless balance, in and of itself, has a deep sexual element.  My hope is to portray that sensuality in my books without having to be overly graphic in nature.


     Are your books selling well?


Yes.  It’s exciting to see that so many people are enjoying my stories and are asking for more.


        Do you get spanked on a regular basis?


I’m not sure how to define “regular” but yes, I know my place over the knee; and I do believe it is often a necessity.


     Have you experienced everything you write about?


That is a good question.  Yes, I have, with the exception of the fact that I’ve never tried to throw myself off of a balcony and I haven’t had sex with a hot fireman.  LOL.


     What is your most dreaded spanking implement?


The paddle with the holes in it.


     Why do you think spanking is so important in a relationship?


Well, for many of the same reasons you state in your blog.  It alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed, helps adjust perspective, is emotionally calming, reduces tension, increases trust, gives a feeling of safety, proves a person is notices, accepted and loved, increases sexual bonding and ultimately brings partners closer together.  Sometimes love has to be tough love.  Often times tough love is the strongest of all.



     What would you like to say to my blog readers?


First, thank you for your interest in acquiring balance through submission and dominance.  Some of the happiest couples I know are those that employ this philosophy in their lives.  I wish you that same fulfillment.  Second, thank you for reading this interview and for your interest in my books.  Please tell your friends about my books.


     Where can we connect with you?


People can reach me on Facebook .  In fact, I would love it if you would “Like” my author page on Facebook.  You can also email me directly at
You can also visit my Amazon Author page for more information on my books.





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