Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've been reading these books on discipline and I've blogged about a couple of them.  Well, this last one I thought was so good I shared it with my hubby, who made the comment that the way the man in book responded was exactly how he would have responded too.  It led us to some pretty deep conversations.  For example:  In the book the man spanks the woman in the stairwell of their apartment building where anyone could have walked in and seen or even overheard what was happening. 

I asked my hubby:  Would you spank me somewhere public like that, where someone might see us?

He said:  If you did to me what she did to him I'd have dragged your ass into the middle of the street and whipped you in plain sight of everyone.

Me:  Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  That would not be good.

We ended up arguing about what the man could and couldn't do, what was considered "right" or "wrong" and "fair" or "unfair."

Needless to say it escalated into a full on fight and I ended up bent over the counter in the kitchen getting a whipping with his belt.  He chose the belt because that was the name of the book:  Belting Love

He gave me a hard whipping for my attitude and then took me over his knee right before bed for a reminder spanking.  My butt was burning as I crawled into bed.

Anyway, despite the fact that I got in trouble ..........AGAIN........ I really am enjoying these books.  If you're an Amazon Prime member like me you can download them for free!  Just click on the pics for the links:



I totally recommend them for men and women, and they are really hot when you read them together.  But watch out for the discussions that follow.  They can get you into a bit of trouble.  :)

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