Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quiet Spankings When Kids Are Home

One of the questions we are ask most often is how can couples administer discipline when there are children in the home?  This makes things challenging for sure, but it can be done.  It takes a huge commitment to obedience and follow-thru.

Here are some pointers:

1.  Invest in a silent tool like a Loopy Johnny or a plastic hanger will work.

2.  Get a mindset that spankings will be quick and quiet and that any type of sexual gratifications will most likely be delayed until later.

3.  Come up with a code that the children do not recognize, but that tells your partner to go to the designated room and prepare for a spanking.   (If our children are home my husband touches the front of his belt buckle and I know that I need to go prepare.)

4.  The bathroom is a good place to administer discipline because you can turn on the shower or the fan to mask sound.

5.  Administer quick swats with a silent tool and then follow it with corner time.  If the message hasn't gotten through, administer another set of swats followed by more corner time.

6.  The moment an infraction is made issue discipline immediately.  This is crucial to the success of the dominant/submissive, loving relationship.  If you do not hold your partner accountable immediately they will begin to dis-respect your authority and they will begin to feel unloved and unnoticed.

7.  Don't make the mistake of taking it easy or being overly gentle during discipline.  If a rule was broken, punishment is earned.  It's that simple.  You are not being mean by giving your partner the discipline they deserve.  In fact, if you intentionally don't give a harsh spanking that has been earned, you are causing more damage than good.

8.  If you are new to DD or if you have taken a long break from it for whatever reasons, start over with a training period/boot camp.  That means each morning begin the day with a maintenance or reminder paddling and naked corner time.  Again, the bathroom is the ideal place for this.  Get up before the kids are awake, have your partner strip naked, bend her over the sink or the tub or your lap and issue a sound spanking with a quiet tool.  Send her immediately to the corner so that she can process your authority and her decision to submit to it.  This is very important to start her day off with the right mindset.  Likewise, before bed, after the kids are asleep, give her another maintenance spanking or address issues where she may have wavered in attitude or action during the day.  The goal is that every time she sits down she is reminded of your love and the safety of your authority.

These steps will help you but you've got to commit to doing them.  No arguing and no begging.  We have a rule in our home, if I argue or beg, it's 50 swats with his belt on top of whatever discipline I have already earned.


  1. I have never read your blog before and I have only just now read a couple of posts. I do have a question when you say "one of the questions you are asked the most" Where do people ask you questions? Do you have a seminar, I was just curious. I can't believe I had never seen your Blog before now. I read many, not as often as I used to but was still surprised I had not seen yours. Have a great day.

  2. Hello. I just came across your blog and saw this entry.

    The trouble with the bathroom is that it echoes. A lot. And even with a fan and water it is not hard to be heard.

    Ideally one would go to the bedroom preferably the spankee, put on music cd with a lot of brass and drums so the kids would get used to it.

    She could get undressed, get a quiet implement such as a cane ready...yes it is quiet (maybe not the recipient lol )you do not want anything that "slaps" and get a blanket to put by the bottom of the door.

    A few minutes later he can go up, make fast work with the cane (or what is decided) if need be she can use a soft gag if worried about yells. You can get a LOT of cane strokes in in a short amount of time.

    Then she can be left to clean up and compose while he goes back to the kids.

    Plans would of course need to be adapted for ages, layout of the home, etc. Kids are wonderful but they sure can put a damper on the spanking and sex life lol

    amber xxx

  3. Paddling Jo by request. Edward. Ok.

  4. My favourite time for spanking my partner Tina is just before she is due to go out with her freinds then every time she starts talking to guys she has a sore bottom to remind her she belongs to me.

  5. My husbamd uses quiet implements and takes me to a locked room in the basement behind the laundry room. I am only allowed to cry very softly.

  6. My husband uses quiet more stinging implements. He takes me to a locked room in the basement behind the laundry room. I am only allowed to cry very softly.

  7. My husbamd uses quiet implements and takes me to a locked room in the basement behind the laundry room. I am only allowed to cry very softly.


  8. Hello, I am in need of a spanking. I always find myself having a attitude with my husband but he doesn't do anything about it and I feel I need to be punished for my actions to become a better wife. Any ideas on what I can do?